What all paid subscriptions you guys got?Posted:

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Title says it all. I have this, PlayStation, and Lootcreate.
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Spotify and XBL.

I'm probably going to stop paying for both of those soon, though. I got perma banned on my main account for some stupid reason (it's my fault), and I found a workaround for somewhat free Spotify Premium.
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Netflix, PlayStation and Lootcrate.
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They only thing I pay for is Xbox LIVE, I might renew my subscription for YouTube red, I like how we can save for videos for offline use. Just don't know if $10 a month is worth it.
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Only things I monthly pay for are Hulu and Amazon Prime. Everything else, I purchase the max membership length available.
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Xbox Live
Google Play Music/YouTube Red
Marvel Unlimited

Probably another 1 or 2 that i'm missing to.
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Only Xbox
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Netflix, now tv and spotify
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Only really pay for Xbox Live and sometimes Netflix but that's only if i cant think of a decent film to watch i just have a look whats on there
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Apple Music

not much lol
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