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inv wrote:

SkyDoesMods wrote:

N3ON wrote:

XeXBenqz wrote:

Do you have Avatar Updated + Newest Dash?

Ughh nope? I still have 16197, where do I find the new dash update WITH avatar?
LOL!! you seriously thought you could play gta v on a old dash LMFAO!!! you must be on dash 16203/16537 and you can update str8 away if you want too <3 LOL if you want to brick your fkn rgh/jtag, you must get jrunner or xebuild and build a new 16537 dash image to flash your xbox, if you have no clue how to flash your xbox you should not have a modified console.
also go here this is my edit of *fears* website, it has more info then his site did , it also has vids however i forgot the webhosting site i used LOL so i cant edit my site :/ htt jtag-rgh-16537-dash-tutorials. comxa .com/ *remove spaces* also on the dashluanch part, dont download that dashlaunch, its a old dashlaunch it's 3.08, and the current one is 3.09 just look it up on youtube :p or on the forums,

Shut the hell up please, your lack of spelling & grammar is giving me a headache.

It was a joke, chill out, not unless you take everything all so serious on the internet,and my grammar, that's giving you a *headache*, i'm 100% sure I can use perfect grammar, but I prefer to type how I will. If you have a problem with that please go elsewhere. I provided help in the topic, and a small joke. So please do go away? I didn't ask for your reply, nore was I refering to you in anyway, from what i see is you always comment on my comments telling me to *shut the hell up and then dis my grammar, I could 100% careless, this is not a spell and grammar check. Have a nice day Inv.
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