Red Dead Redemption is now backward compatible on Xbox One, Plus More

Surprise! Red Dead Redemption is backward compatible on Xbox One now. And guess what? Halo Wars, Left 4 Dead and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are on the way too it seems, and it appears Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is also playable. According to Xboxyen, the Rockstar Games western is now able to be played on Xbox One; however, the site notes their disc isn’t working with the feature just more


GTA Online: Executives Bonus Week – get Double GTA$ & RP in VIP Work

Next week is shaping up to be rather fun already, at least for GTA Online players. Starting today and running through next week to February 11, players who “invest time” in VIP Work and Challenges and the Featured Playlist will double their GTA$ & RP earnings – and in the Running Back Adversary Mode February 6-7. There will be plenty of discounts available on cars, helicopters and more


Xbox One 4TB Hard Drive Released

The Xbox One, thankfully, allows for its internal on board storage to be augmented with external hard drives- I say thankfully because all games must be installed on it before they can be played, and games are massive in file size- when patches alone can be nearly 20GB, the total space taken up by a single game can often be 60, even 70GB. With this new hard drive for the Xbox One, released by more


The Division Map Size Compared With Fallout 4 and GTA 5

The Division beta led to the unexpected result of people being worried that the map may not be big enough- but on the whole, that worry may have been unfounded, if this new comparison of its map with the map of some other open world games is to be believed. The methodology used is a bit shaky, but on the whole, the comparison covers all bases- so we know that the map size for Fallout 4 and The more


Is the Banshee 900R now the fastest car in GTA Online?

The Banshee 900R, one of GTA Online’s recently added cars, has apparently received a slight speed buff. The January update for GTA Online brought two new cars to the game. The the Karin Sultan and the Bravado Banshee. Rockstar promised that an upgraded Banshee will be as fast as a Zentorno or a T20. However, the community later realised this was not the case. It seems Rockstar corrected more


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta

EA announced that there will be a closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Those of you who want participate in beta can sign up now. The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on Origin for the PC. Details on dates and much more is to be announced. In order to participate in the beta, you will need an Origin account.


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