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Description: Seeing as I'm giving this out free, all I ask for is please just a like/comment on my video, and if possible a favorite...
Views: 5,794
Description: This isn't for a slim, sorry. In my situation I had a game stuck in my jtag when it got red rings, I couldn't open...
Views: 2,923
Description: **Video tutorial at bottom Fully wrote by me, if you wish to repost, pm me to seek permission. Needed...
Views: 10,178
Description: O.K. So first of all, you need a themed channel, people who watch your videos will only subscribe if they think they...
Views: 3,577
Description: Requirements: An internet connection on your jtag & PC at the same time. This programme , XeX Menu Person...
Views: 6,911
Description: O.K. this is primarily for a bad flash / corrupted NAND. Personal experience: Fixed 3 times without opening jtag up...
Views: 5,297
Description: Now, if you see the lights dim, and hear a weird noise(you'll understand what I mean when it happens), this means the...
Views: 1,711
Description: o that's right, me + 2 mates achieved our new personal best of round 23, and we had the following scores: - We started...
Views: 1,097