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Description: Always Have 10 Muttleys 8E938D7E000003FF P1 Inf Tokens-Battle Arena D27881090000000A Infinite Retries -...
Views: 158
Description: Infinite Credits 3BA136C2 00000005 High Score 4A5A10DB 0000FFFF Stop Arcade Timer 7C75C181 00000D9F
Views: 157
Description: Infinite Armor P2 C3F3D22A000004B0 No Armor P2 C3F3D22A00000000 No Armor P1 8343B8D700000000 Infinite...
Views: 135
Description: P1 Win One Point To Win A Game (Com Will Not Hit A E1C714A8 00000003 Com Can Not Score Any Points 4FFA13F5...
Views: 163
Description: P1 Quick Win Do Not Use In Training Levels 900806E600000003 P1 Never Win Do Not Use In Training...
Views: 164
Description: Infinite Time 82D38160 00000746 P1 Win 1 Fight To Win Match 1F1C5AF1 00000003 P2 Win 1 Fight To Win...
Views: 147
Description: Press A For Instant Speed CB3CF8A320704E1E D4CA96770000FFFB Must Be First 9C5D88F8 Must Be...
Views: 109
Description: Fast Cars With High Suspension that Hover Higher 7B8D91400000000D Random Levels and Cars in Arcade Mode that are...
Views: 142
Description: Timer Stopped 335A2743 00703040 33592743 00000000 Start At Lap 2 2DF463AA C0703041 2DF763AA...
Views: 154
Description: All Player Vehicles 4BFA1F050000FFFF All Secret Vehicles 7C3DD3CE0000FFFF All Forward...
Views: 108