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Description: Achievement Name: Bane of the Emperor Gamerscore: 20G Guide: Precision shots = Headshots You will have to play...
Views: 1,115
Description: Achievement: Change of Heart Gamerscore: 20 Achievement Description: Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade...
Views: 840
Description: This achievement is 5G. These do not show up on your map but are not difficult to find as they glow white like other...
Views: 1,105
Description: This achievement is 10G and the achievement description states that you must "defend a womans honor". You must wait...
Views: 1,033
Description: This achievement is 50G and is obtainable by collecting all 100 feathers and returning them to the Villa...
Views: 973
Description: This achievement is worth 5G and involves kicking a guard while you are operating Leonardo's flying machine. This...
Views: 1,314
Description: This achievement is 30G and the achievement description tells you to 'complete 40 fixer contracts' The locations to...
Views: 1,285
Description: A 50G achievement that you unlock by completing every gang hideout. This video is a complete guide with the...
Views: 852
Description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7soLXoHq2I Not my video wish I could get a better video The peng treasure is...
Views: 882