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GTA V Mission #18 -Three's Company

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #18 -Three's Company  

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The mission begins with Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton being summoned by the corrupt FIB agent, Steve Haines. Haines forces Michael and his crew to perform an abduction against the IAA, another government force, in order to boost the funding for the FIB. Michael refuses, until Haines gives him the guarantee that their work together will come to a close (Which, eventually, is false.)
Michael De Santa is the abductor, who raids the IAA Headquarters via grappel.

Trevor Philips is tasked with flying the Frogger helicopter, considering his Flying experience.

Franklin Clinton is the designated sniper, who will provide to be sniper support for Michael when he is inside the IAA Headquarters.

When the 3 protagonists arrive at the IAA HQ (in-game rendition of the CIA), Franklin is already perched with a Sniper Rifle on top of a nearby building, in case things get violent. As Trevor hovers overhead, Michael rappels down the building to extract the target. On his way the player can observe offices full of people, giving a real-life feeling. Michael identifies the target, breaks the glass and catches the man, while the bodyguards are pointing guns at him. The player then switches to Franklin, who snipes some of the bodyguards, and then has the choice to switch back to play as Michael as he shoots the remaining guards. Trevor then brings Michael and the captured man back up to the helicopter, as many more helicopters show up. Michael shoots down all of these helicopters with an assault rifle, as Trevor flies around them. They all arrive at the FIB helipad and the mission concludes.


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I didn't really like the part where you had to listen into everyone's conversations but the rest of the mission felt pretty cool. Especially sniping the guards from the helicopter