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GTA V Mission #5 - Chop

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #5 - Chop  

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Lamar and Chop show up at Franklin's house. Lamar tells Franklin to come along to "pick up some shit from around the corner". Franklin asks why they can't drive instead, but Lamar insists that they walk.
Around the corner is Lamar's white-colored Speedo. The three get in and Lamar tells Franklin to drive to Vinewood Boulevard.

After they reach their destination, they walk into an alley, where they find D chatting with a woman. Before being spotted, Franklin and Lamar both cover their faces with green bandanas. D notices them and a hostile conversation initiates. Lamar finally pulls out his pistol and aims it at D, who responds by taking off on his motorcycle, almost hitting the the two in the process.

Franklin and Lamar quickly gets back into Lamar's van and start chasing after D. Franklin is doubtful about catching up with the speeding motorcyclist.

After chasing through the SIMMET ALLEY, D is hit by a bus, throwing him off the bike. He then runs off through a city bus terminal. Franklin and Chop jump out the van and the chase ensues on foot.

The chase continues into a railyard. Franklin loses the trail but Chop sniffs it. Franklin opens a boxcar to check for D. Chop suddenly runs off across a nearby street, after having spotted another (male) dog in the same size. He walks up close to the other dog, and starts humping it, much to Franklin's obnoxiousness. The two continue their search and find another boxcar. Franklin opens it and find D hiding inside. D jumps out and runs off again, but Franklin sends Chop after him. After a short chase Chop manages to bite D, forcing him to the ground.

Franklin apprehends D and Lamar arrives with the van. While being forced into the back of the van 'D' recognizes Lamar. Lamar, who has removed his bandana, covers his face with his hand and denies his identity.

Franklin again takes the drivers seat and they drive back towards Lamar's house. During the ride Lamar accidently calls the feds using his cellphone, revealing their location. They are forced to let D go, and Franklin grabs Lamar's phone and tosses it into the street. Franklin then drives to the B.J. SMITH recreation centre to drop off Lamar and Chop.


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I personally really liked this mission, it was intense and managed to grab my attention throughout the duration of the mission. The best part was when you where searching through the train carriages.