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Rank 75 on Homefront USB+Transfer Cable -FULL TUT-

Tutorial Name: Rank 75 on Homefront USB+Transfer Cable -FULL TUT-  

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Before I get flamed:
Most credit goes to -Chris- for this. I used his tutorial and noticed a rookie mistake with this and you will see this in MY edited tutorial.

-Chris-'s modded gpd link:
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Once you have downloaded this - put it onto your desktop for after!

1. Put your Profile onto your USB.
2. Open up Modio and click EXPLORE DEVICE
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4. On the left hand side you will see a side bar - keep clicking the "+"until they dissapear.
5. On the main screen you will see your profile number such as E00000......
6. Drag that to your desktop and close that menu down
7. Back on Modio - Click on OPEN A SAVE which is at the top of the menu
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8. Scroll down until you find your profile number:
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9. Double click your profile and it should open to this:
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10. From step 9 - click FILE CONTENTS and scroll down to a GPD which is the number: 54510846.gpd
11. Highlight it and click REPLACE FILE with the GPD that is at the top of the topic by scrolling down and then double clicking it.
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12. Once you have replaced it - go back to the main page and click REHASH AND RESIGN a few times
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13. Close that down and then re-open modio by clicking on EXPLORE A DEVICE
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14. Once again, Click FILE>OPEN/CLOSE DEVICE and then keep clicking the "+" signs until you open your profile again.
15. Left click your profile and then click the DELETE button on your keyboard and then click YES
15. Right click the middle of the empty box where your profile once was. And then click INSERT FILE
16. Once again, scroll down to the profile on your desktop and double click it.

Now for the easy but important bit!
On your Xbox, make sure you are signed out of everything. Put your USB into your Xbox USB port.
Start homefront and do not sign into any profiles. Then go onto MULTIPLAYER and it should say something like "you need to be signed into a valid account"
. A menu will pop up and from there you can sign into your modded account. Once you have signed into your modded account you can go onto "XBOX LIVE" and you will be level 75!

This took me a really long time to make and and edit where -Chris- got it wrong.

+REP is appreciated but not necessary

Any problems PM me


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well, It didnt work i did every thing u said twice... So AS of 12/12/11 Does not work..


still works on 14th of September 2011


still works on 4/23/11


Still Working 4/22/2011 At 4:29 PM Central Time


Does this still work someone answer thanks


OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!! IVE BEEN TRYING THIS AND NEVER COULD GET IT UNTILL NOW!! i use a transfer cable and u solved my problem! i had to sign out of live at the main menu untill i got to multiplayer, i was signed in on live at the main menu, thx bro i love you (n.h.) ill rep you right now


Thanks I'm level 75 now

If anyone is wondering, you DO NOT NEED TO BUY A BATTLE CODE before doing this. I was level 7 and did this and now I'm 75.

But it was an easy to read tut and worked great




darthkyle0109 can i put profile on hdd

Yeah after you have done this. transfer it back over


can i put profile on hdd