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How To Mod Borderlands 2

Tutorial Name: How To Mod Borderlands 2  

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Things You Will Need
1 - Horizon
2 - Gibbed Save editor
3 - A USB
This Works Offline As Well
1 Go On borderlands 2 make a new character and it new campaign And Wait for it to load you in and hit save and exit

2 Go to the dashboard Go to system settings "MEMORY" Go to games and find BL2 and move the save to your usb

3 Now once the save is on Your usb take the usb out of your xbox and go to your computer . Put the usb in and open up Horizon

4 Now once horizon is open go to "GAMES" Bl2 right click your save and then go to contents right click and hit extract and save it were ever but i save mine to the desktop

5 Now that your save is on your desktop open "GIBBED SAVE EDITOR" ( Also leave Horizon open ) When gibbed opens click OPEN Then at the bottom right corner it says pc saves click that change it to xbox then in the mid find your save if you saved it to desktop just scroll down and you will find it it shouls say Savegame

6 Now Your Basically Done If you want to change your head skin lvl EVERY|THING its all there Heres a fast tut for the lvl changeing

7 When your save is open you will see it say lvl and your guys lvl so say if you wanted a 72 but dont have the new dlc chnage the lvl to 72 and hit "SYNC" on the XP BAR right under it for it to stay that lvl and when your done modding your stuff hit save

8 after it saves go back to horizon and go back to your save go to contents " were it says savegame " right click that and hit replace and find the save on your desktop

Hope This Helped A Few People I Will be adding new tuts soon


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Seems like a good tutorial for when i'll need it


Thanks man, very well organized and purposeful tutorial you have here!


Seems like a good tutorial. Bookmarked for later, thanks!