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Zombies Level 30+ kino der toten Strategy

Tutorial Name: Zombies Level 30+ kino der toten Strategy  

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On kino der toten, I typically like to run it with 2 or 4 players. This is what I do...

1 - At levels 1 - 4, we stay in the main room. We rack up kills to earn a bunch of points that will help us later on. We just stay at our own barriers until we get to round 4. It's pretty self explanitory.

2 - At Levels 5 - 10, We buy the top door from the main room then buy the next door after that and we have reached the MP40 room. From there we all buy MP40's and rack up points until the dog round. Once the dog round is done, we buy the next 2 doors and then get to the stage. From there we turn on the power and then everybody buys juggernaut.

3 - From 10 - 15, we all stay around the stage / theater area. It's pretty wide open but easy to get stuck in small corners where zombies can take you down. On around round 13, we all go to the mystery box, and hit it a couple of times with the money that we have gotten from the MP40's. After that, we wait for the next dog round, but still stay around the stage. By then, it should be on / at level 15.

4 - At around level 17 - 20, we should all have pretty decent guns. Such as the ray gun, thunder gun, rpk, hk21, etc... From there we start to circle around the stage and then bunch them up together to start **** trains. It's better to kill zombies this way then by 1 at a time because this is a good way to use ammo. Instead of 1 bullet going into just 1 zombie, it is going into multiple zombies by every bullet. I also would highly suggest hip firing, when you are aiming down your targets it makes your player move slower, which will help the cause of getting overrun by the **** train that you have set up.

5 - At around Level 20 - The end of the game, this is what we do. If you run out of ammo on your gun and your constantly hitting the box, don't do that. What you want to do is start circling them map. This is my route [Main room ---> First room on top right ---> MP40 Room ---> Dressing Room ---> Stage ---> Theater ---> Back to main / first room.] When circling the map, you never want to sprint. This will mess up the zombies spawns and will just help the cause of you getting overrun. When your running out of ammo, buy the MP40 or the MP5k. You will be using it to help you rack up points, and getting some kills too. If you do run out of ammo, just keep on circling with your weapon out, so you can just buy more ammo off the wall the next time you get to the gun point. This will help out big time, and will also help you save money for traps in case you start to get over run.

* That is my tactic, no I did not copy and paste a word, or a letter even. I hope that my tactic helps out too, it usually gets me to around at least level 32. Don't forget your tryhard pants though.

[I hope that this tutorial has helped you out. I really recommend giving this a try. Also, try to avoid camping. It makes you lose your ammo way to quickly and it will result to your team getting overrun in not even 5 minutes. Also, some people may just find it boring, and from personal expierence, I have found that always being on the move is a lot more helpful and it's more enjoyable to play zombies this way. Thanks for reading. ]


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good tut man, thank you lol


Katsumi Oh god.. i was never very good at zombies what so ever. I'll be sure to give this a try though

haha I actually don't even remember myself writing up this tutorial... it's been too long.

i'm sure 3 years later that there are far better tutorials than this one haha


Oh god.. i was never very good at zombies what so ever. I'll be sure to give this a try though


can you do one for moon? because i always get trapped lol


I used this before, it's actually really good if you know what your doing


I saw someone use this strategy before and they did really good! This is the best strategy and has never failed me!!!




This is my stratagey aso :D


Awesome strategy. I've constructed a couple of strategies myself, but I've never managed to pass round 30 on this map. I've always managed to get to round 25-30 before dying.


This really isn't a TuT but I still like it!!