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How to Mod Two Worlds 2

Tutorial Name: How to Mod Two Worlds 2  

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How to mod your save in Two Worlds 2 (Revamped)
credits to pirkle2009 (for Original)

Things you need:

* Offzip/Packzip (UI, is easier)
* Your Gamesave
* A hex editor of your choice (Hex Workshop, HxD, etc.) [I'm using Hex Workshop]
* A program to Inject/Extract AND Rehash/Resign your game save (modio, horizon, 360 revolution, etc.) WE are gonna use 360 Revolution, Naturally.
* tw2resigner.exe
* Your in-game values

You want to take your game save and open it in 360 revolution and click on the contents tab and extract your "savefile". Once it's extracted open up the offzip/packzip UI. Extract your "savefile" and you should now have a "0000001c.dat file". Now the hex editing begins, open the "0000001c.dat" with a hex editor. change it to "32 bit long signed/little endian" or if you have hexworkshop just change it to Intel which is Little Endian. Once you have located your values and modded them and saved them, it's time to inject the "00000001c.dat" back into the "savefile". Open up Packzip UI and in the "source tab put the 0000001c.dat in that location" and in the "target tab put your savefile" and finally "start your offset at 0x0000001c" and click start. You'll get a message saying 1 file has been compressed.

Now it's time to fix the checksum, so open up command prompt and drag the tw2resigner and drop it in . Make sure your savefile is located on your desktop. (it'll be easier this way)
In command prompt it should say something like this: C:\Users\(your name)>C:\Users\(your name)\Desktop\tw2resigner.exe Deskop\savefile. Once you have that done press enter and you'll get a message saying that the checksum has been calculated and fixed. The Last thing you have to do is inject your fixed savefile back into your Con Package and rehash and resign. Load the game and enjoy. I hope this helps.

*note: some might have savefile, some might have mpchar and some might have screenshot* so far you will need "savefile"


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