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How to Mod World at War zombies with a usb!

Tutorial Name: How to Mod World at War zombies with a usb!  

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This is a TUT that shows you how to mod World at War Zombies with only a USB. This is not for online mods. This is only offline mods which you can play with. Please comment if this was helpful.

1.Move your Xbox Live profile into your USB and also rember to move your world at war saved game into your USB also.

2.Put your USB into your computer

3.Open up modio and make a account

4.On type right of the screen click on the M button and then click on Download a Gamesave

5.After you open up a gamesave a box will apear with all these recent saves. You can MW2 Campaign with this to. All you do is search World at War and then all these game saves will come and download one of them to your device and click on the profile you want to save it to and click yours. Then just take your USB out of your Computer! Your Done!

6.Plug your USB into your Xbox and do not move your profile into your hard drive.

7.Play World at War and then click on Solo Campaign and Resume game. If you did it right one of the 4 maps will load and then you will have Low gravity, Super speed, Super jump, extra health, Money hack, leaderboard hack, laser sight, Magic Chest dosent move, Reduced HUD, No FOG, Glide Sprint, Unlimited ammo and more. It depends which game save you downloaded.

Modio- www.game-tuts.com

Please give me rep if this helped! If you need any help please just message me on Xbox Live. My gamertag is TTG UnDeaD


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So do i have to delete the first savegame thats is mine for it to work


Is it possible to put the Phoenix V2 on with USB and play it offline instead of having to ISO mod it?


Works for me. Thanks for this.