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BURIED | Easter Egg (Maxis)

Tutorial Name: BURIED | Easter Egg (Maxis)  

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Welcome to Maxis' partition of the Buried easter egg, Mined Games. This guide will be the only utensil you will need in order to successfully achieve Maxis' intentions. Points deposited within the bank and an extra weapon in your storage would aid your team.

Let us begin.

STEP 1) Construct the gallows adjacent to the courthouse.

a) Spool of String (Located within the Gunsmith, in a corner in the far right as you come up from the Bank tunnel)
b) Electric Battery (Found within the Church, far back, behind the lectern)
c) Replacement Globe (Located on the top of sheriff's office)
d) Antennae (Found in the Farm shed, one of the stalls)

STEP 2) Destroy the orbs.

Place a Subsurface Resonator and a Turbine in front of each orb.

STEP 3) The supernatural lantern.

A floating lantern will appear in the sky, you will need to throw a grenade to knock it down. Afterwards, pick up the lantern.

STEP 4) Charging the Lantern.

Feed "the giant" candy and let him attack zombies, every time he kills a zombie, a note raises in pitch as an indicator.

STEP 5) Place the lantern.

Place the lantern on top of the gunsmith building. Credit to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] for the picture. You will need this picture to help you decrypt the code.

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STEP 6) Punch the signs using the Galvaknuckles.

The order doesn't matter, you will see orbs if you punched the correct signs. Once you punch the last sign, a wisp will appear.

STEP 7) Escort the wisp.

You must escort the wisp to the gallows, passing it through zombies will keep it alive. Time bomb would help otherwise you'd get stuck.

STEP 8) Activate the bells.

The bells are located in the courthouse, candy shop and the barn. Activate them presented on the switchboard in the haunted house.

STEP 9) Smash the fountain.

Smash the fountain in front of the haunted house.

STEP 10) Sharpshooter (Make a Wish)

Probably the hardest step, in my opinion. Shoot all of the targets scattered throughout the map perfectly. PDW + Speed Cola would help you.

Location of Targets:
Inside the Saloon (19 targets)
Around the Candy Shop (20 targets)
Around Juggernog (22 targets)
Left side of the mansion (23 targets)


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