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DiRT 3 Achievement - Join the Party

Tutorial Name: DiRT 3 Achievement - Join the Party  

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Achievement: Join the Party

Gamerscore: 20G
Achievement Description: You won a game in every party mode

There are 4 game modes in party mode, and you must win at least 1 in each. Each game mode also has it's own separate achievement as well. I recommend playing on a team, as you have a better chance to win. The modes are listed and explained here:

Invasion (Smash the robots) - You need to smash the robots (+1) and avoid the buildings (-1), person with the most points wins.
Transporter (Capture the Flag) - A flag and flag capture zone will spawn every time there is no flag on the level. The idea is to get the flag and drive it over the the capture spot without losing it. Score the most flags to win. Hit flag carriers to steal the flag.
Outbreak (Infection) - One person will start off as infected, and the others will be clean. Infected cars are marked as neon green. You are most likely to win if you start infected, but if you're not either get infected right away and start tagging other people or survive the round. Rarely does the person who survives the longest (but still gets infected) win.
Cat and Mouse (TEAM based) - This game mode is only available if you choose team under Pro Tour or Jam Session. The objective is to have your team mouse finish before the other team. As a mouse, race to to finish as fast as you can while avoiding cats. As a cat, make sure the other mouse has a hard time finishing the race. If your mouse finishes first, you win the race, achievement unlocked.


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