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How to Install FreeStyle Dashboard

Tutorial Name: How to Install FreeStyle Dashboard  

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All credit to skatertg

Okayyy, so as requested by TTG_JAMBO I have made a tutorial on how to install freestyle dashboard.
You will need these files:
Freestyle dashboard:
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To change your USB Pen Drive into FAT32:
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How to put the freestyle dashboard onto your USB:

How to install Freestyle dashboard onto your xbox & so it comes up on your Full Games.

Part 1:

Sorry, there is no second video tut part it keeps failing to upload ALL the time on any upload video site I have used, can someone suggest a upload website where I can upload the second video tut onto?

For now you will have to make do with the written tutorial I suppose.

Written tut:

Okay so you need to make your portable HDD/USB pen drive into a FAT32 format. They should be that already by default but if not use the program I provided to change it. Its pretty simple to change the format using this program, simply open the program chose the drive and hit format & wait for it to be finished.

Next, copy the freestyle dashboard onto your USB pen drive. But only copy these folders:

- FreeStyle
- FSD Indexer
- Launch
- Source

Like it was shown in the video basically.

Next put the USB pen drive into the BACK USB slot (Next to the Ethernet cable port).

Then you are going to want to go into XeXMenu and go to your USB.

Go into the Launch folder and copy the freestyle-usb file (NOT the .iso version).

Then go to your HDD > Content > 000000000000000> C0DE9999

Now go into the C0DE9999 folder, and then CREATE a new Folder EXACTLY called this: 00007000

Copy the freestyle-usb file (AGAIN NOT THE .ISO ONE!) into the 00007000 folder

Then go back to dashboard, go to Game Library > FULL GAMES & you should see Freestyle Dash 1.09

Simply click on it and it'll run. HOWEVER! If you take out the USB/external HDD and try to run it, freestyle dash will not load.

So I guess you could try putting the file for freestyle dash on the root of your HDD (where you see the content, cache etc) then put the freestyle-usb file into the 00007000 again if you do try this let me know if it works, I would test it myself but im a bit too busy to at the moment.


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can u still do it now or will u get banned if u dont have a jtag