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How to JTAG your Xbox 360

Tutorial Name: How to JTAG your Xbox 360  

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[quote="AlexPolska"]So "what is a jtag," "how can i get a jtag," and "can i get a jtag at walmart" seem to be some common questions floating around the forums. Finally, i have put in the time and effort of making a tutorial of how to jtag an Xbox 360, and run homebrew on it. I will also cover how to install XBR and Xell. By jtagging your Xbox, you can exploit games and have endless possibilities with being able to run any code you want.

Step 1: How to tell if your console is able to be jtagged/exploitable.
To be able to jtag an Xbox 360 console, you have to have a kernel of 7371 or lower. If the kernel is any higher, you will not be able to jtag your xbox.

To check if your xbox is exploitable, open up the system info tab under the dashboard.


Then, scroll down to system info and check the dashboard that you have. It should look like 2.0.XXXX.0
The x's will be your kernel.


You DON'T want this version. You want 7371 or LOWER. This is what your dashboard will be updated to with XBR.

Step 2: Parts and Tools needed for exploiting your Xbox.
When jtagging your xbox, certain tools are essential. These include:

Soldering iron
Computer with LPT port.

Now, the list of parts that you will need. They can be found and accquired at your local hardware store.

1x 25 pin d-sub connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have)
Digikey # 225FE-ND

1x 25 pin d-sub cable (lpt cable) You can actually skip the cable if you buy a male connector and make your wires long enough to extend from your xbox to the computer
Digikey # AE9863-ND

3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)
Digikey # P330BBCT-ND

1x 1n4148 switching diode (if you have Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper get 3x of these)


Above is a picture of the parts needed: The sub-connector, 330ohm resistor, and the 4148 switching diode.
Below is a picture of the power cables. They allow you to differentiate between the different xboxes.


Step 3: Next, you are going to have to solder the cable. Its a pretty simple process:


All Others:

You actually don't need any solder for the motherboard end, as the holes all have solder in them. So you just need need to heat it up and slide the wire through. I suggest using at least a 30w iron as a 15w will have trouble getting the lead free solder hot enough. All resistors on the connector are optional, it's just to prevent damage as some ports are 5v and the motherboard is 3.3v. THE 330ohm RESISTORS ARE NOT OPTIONAL!


Step 4: Dumping the NAND.
You are going to want to download these files: mediafire.com/?r1mmvyojmhy
Also, download NandPro: mediafire.com/?cjjjrnhmzwc

After extracting all of the files, open the NandPro folder.
There should be an .exe called port95nt. Install it. (if running vista or 7 set it for compatibility mode for xp.)
Plug your Xbox 360 in. DON'T TURN IT ON!
Plug the LPT cable in.
Open CMD and change directories to your NandPro folder.
Then, type in the following "nandpro LPT: -r16 nand.bin" (without quotes)
It will then begin dumping the Nand. This will take 35 minutes
Type "nandpro lpt: -r16 nand2.bin" and dump it a second time.


Sometimes, while the Nand is dumping, it will have trouble reading the blocks. You only have a problem if can't read block after block, which means something went wrong in the middle of the dump and you have to restart it again.

Step 5: Testing to see if the console is exploitable.
You are going to want to open up Degraded 1.1 which is included in the downloadable pack. Go to settings and under 1BL key make sure it says DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA and the "Valid" box is checked. You are also going to want to change file system start to 39.


If your CB is the following you're in luck!

Xenon: 888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921, 8192
Zephyr: 4558, 4580
Falcon: 5761, 5766, 5770
Jasper: 6712, 6723
Jasper Arcade (256/512): 6723 or lower is Exploitable


Step 6: KeyVaults and XBR.
Select the proper XBR for your motherboard included in the rar file and put it in your nandpro folder. Rename it to xbr.bin to make things easier.

Open up cmd, navigate to your nandpro folder and type

nandpro nand.bin: -r16 kv.bin 1 1
nandpro nand.bin: -r16 config.bin 3de 2

Then typenandpro xbr.bin: -w16 kv.bin 1 1
nandpro xbr.bin: -w16 config.bin 3de 2

Now for the flashing!

Just type and wait 35 minutes
nandpro lpt: -w16 xbr.bin

Step 7: How to get your CPU Key.
Now, you are going to hav eto reassemble your Xbox. Then, boot up your Xbox with the DVD drive ejected.
A blue screen should apear, and the screen will flash all sorts of things.


Have a camera ready, and as soon as it says CPU fuses, take a picture.
Fusesets 3 + 5 or 4 + 6 combined will make up your CPU key.

If it says:
fuseset 03: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fuseset 05: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The completed key would be: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

It should 32 characters.


Step 8: Extras.

I included quite a few extra programs in the .rar file. A lot of them will come in handy with your Xbox 360 homebrew experience. Big thanks to Cow!

360 Flash Tool
This tool allows you to view all the files in your nand and your keyvault. You need your CPU key for this.

KeyVault Modder
This allows you to modify the region code, or what your DVD drive key is. If your Xbox 360 DVD drive is missing or you burned yours out, this is the tool you need to recover it! You can either change the key to someone simple as just 1's or what it originally was.

Since you can run any code now, you can patch .xex game files. With this tool you can remove region coding from games and many other things.

XBLA Unlocker
This will allow you to unlock any DLC, or XBLA games you may have that are demos and that are signed to a certain console. You can download game demos on the Xbox marketplace and unlock it with this tool.

Xbox Image Browser
This tool allows you to view the content of an Xbox 360 Iso image. What I use this tool for is extracting the files from the iso then putting them on my xbox instead of the iso. Xbox 360 iso's are zeroed out to 7 gb or so no matter how big the game is. A game with 1gb of files could be wasting 6gb of space.

This program allows you to modify the console ID on DLC, and XBLA games to run on any console.

This is a xbins autoconnect tool. Use this to download the latest files.

Freestyle Dash
This is my favorite Xbox 360 custom dashboard. It includes DVD ripping and FTP support. It is one of the most progressing dashboards that is constantly being updated with new features.

This tool creates containers from xex files that can be launched from the dashboard.

This allows you to navigate your hdd on your xbox and launch .xex files directly. It also has an ftp server running in the background also. I included 2 versions, one is the ISO which you just burn to a CD and put in your xbox, the other is a XBLA file that you put in your content folder on your hard drive and launch.

Conclusion: Congrats!
You have now (hopefully) been successful in jtagging your Xbox 360! have fun and be sure to piss of Microsoft as MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Also, +rep never hurt anyone ;)[/quote]


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Link is dead for the package download


Do u need a Pre-NXE Console for this, because by the picture of the kernel it doesn't seem to.


TTG_MONSTER_man yep dont get any of this and probly going to fry my xbox wish some one could do this for me

Just Use A NAND X With The Boards It's Soo Much Easier. Try Looking It Up On YouTube

Search: How To Jtag An Xbox360 With A Nand X.


yep dont get any of this and probly going to fry my xbox wish some one could do this for me


Can I use a "25 pin lpt to USB" cord to do transfers?


Reall Good Help!


pigaria If some people say you cant have a jtag unless you have a certain kind of dash then how can people with a jtag be online?
they freeboot which means they put a the dash update on a USB and then update it from the usb or thats the general idea i dont know all the steps and such.


If some people say you cant have a jtag unless you have a certain kind of dash then how can people with a jtag be online?


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you not to young man just watch videos and read tuts and ull be able to do it


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