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How to Mod dungeon defenders

Tutorial Name: How to Mod dungeon defenders  

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Hi, today i will tell/show you how to mod Dungeon Defenders, with Eternia Crystal.

1- Download "Eternia Crystle" and "Horizon."

2- Put your Dungeon Defenders Game-save onto your USB.

3- Load up Horizon, click "Device Explorer," GAMES>Dungeon Defenders

4- Right click and Extract, to where you want the save.

5- Open Eternia Crystle, and hit open, click on the "DunDefSave"
(The thing you extracted from Horizon).

6- Mod the things you want, on the left is the Bank which is your
Inventory. On the Right is your Characters.

7- Once finished Modding click "Save," and close the program

8 Go Back into Horizon and click inject like i do. then click on
the same save you extracted first.

9- And thats you, Plug your USB back into your Xbox and your

Things you need to know while eternia crystle modding:

- You MUST always Keep the WinRAR archive (Where Eternia Crystle is stored) open while using Eternia Crystle.

- You can put your Characters to a max level of 10,000 with eternia.

- Weapons in the "Bank" - Inventory will be in order of when you picked them up, so the most recently picked
up items will be at the very bottom of the "Bank."

- Equiped Weapons can be found, not in the "Bank" but when you load up your character it will be located on
the left hand side.

Youtube Video = youtube.com/watch?v=1N2OIMc6gi4

My dungeon Defenders gamesave Link = thetechgame.org/Fr1H3 (wait for 5 secs and click the top right hand corner) Thx leave a comment on what use think


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