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How to Replace Xbox 360 Disc Drive Laser Lens

Tutorial Name: How to Replace Xbox 360 Disc Drive Laser Lens  

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This tutorial will explain how to change/swap out an Xbox 360 DVD Rom Laser Lens.

First you will need to take your 360 apart. There are other guides to show you this. Then remove the DVD-Rom. Once you have your drive out turn it over and take out the 4 screws. Remove the top and bottom covers.


Now that we have the drive apart and ready we need to prepare the new Laser Unit.

There is a big solder point on the side of the Laser Unit that needs to be removed for it to work. With a desoldering pen or desoldering wick remove the solder. Here is another pic of the Original 360 Laser Unit but it will give you the general area of where the solder is if you can't figure it out from the pic above.


Removing the old Laser.


Remove the Ribbon Cable in the above pic by carefully sliding it out. Be very careful not to damage the cable.
Turn the drive over.


In the pic above you will need to push the black clamp labled 'A' to the right while lifting up on the right side of the board. Only pic it up just enough to remove the 3 cables shown. And again be very careful not to rip or damage the cables. After the 3 cables are removed you can take the board off and set it off to the side.

With a small screwdriver remove the 3 Screws shown above. After removing the one at the top take the white cover and flip it over off of the Laser Unit. The 2 at the bottom just remove the screws and the black pieces holding the rails down. Then pop the rails up with your fingers and slide the Laser unit off.


Slide the new one back on and put your drive back together. Just follow the guide backwards.

I didn't check the pot on my new laser but it seemed to work fine out of the box. I didn't have to adjust anything in my case.

Hope this guide helped a little.

By Gcue


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