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How to install Xbox 360 Cooling Fan

Tutorial Name: How to install Xbox 360 Cooling Fan  

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The first thing you are going to need to do is to gather up your tools, to take apart your Xbox 360 console.

Notice: To properly install a new cooling fan which is considered a modification will void your warranty, as long as you are aware of this and you decide to continue, we are in no way responsible.

Now lets get to the hard part, taking apart your Xbox 360, in order to install a new cooling fan you are going to have to take your Xbox 360 apart, there just no way around it.

You need:

1. T10 screw driver
2. T8 screwdriver
3. Flat head screwdriver or knife
4. Masking tape or cup for your screws
5. New cooling Whisper fan

If you are not quite sure how to dismantle your Xbox 360, watch this video or a video of your preference found on YouTube or anywhere else you like.


Once you have your Xbox apart just removing the upper half of the shell where you can locate the fan unit.

Remove the plastic casing holding the fan unit in place


Unplug the fan
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Pry the Chassis away from the fan in order to properly remove it
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Pull the fan out and install the new whisper fan
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After that all done, that all there is to it, now all you need to do is put your Xbox 360 back together again!


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