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Best Tutorial For Modding Dungeon Defenders On Xbox

Tutorial Name: Best Tutorial For Modding Dungeon Defenders On Xbox  

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Submitted By: Catch_My_Grenade

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1. Get a gun you want to mod. Upgrade and name it. Put the save on your USB.

2. Go to the link in the description and download the tools. Then make a folder in your
Local Disk named DDMod. Then extract it using WinRaR. (rarlab.com)

3. Open Modio and find and Extract the DunDefSave. Then open it and extract the
DunDefHeroes.dun to the same folder.

4. Open cmd and type this: C:\DDMod\dd.exe -d C:\DDMod\DunDefHeroes.dun
C:\DDMod\save.decompressed then hit enter. <-- this is messed up I don't know what is wrong just use the "Fairchild GUI"

5. Open HeX Editor and open the save.decompressed.

6. Make a new file and open the Bookmark DD Mods.hbk

7. Copy and paste the weapon stats into a new file. Then open the bookmark DDMods.
Then follow these instructions:

8.The stats start out at the 00 01 00 01 02 03 bytes so just search them.

9. The first 4 bytes are resistances and should only be changed if it is a peice of
armor. Change them to FF.

10. Skip the 5th Byte.

11. The following 4 bytes are Tower Stats. Change them to FF's as well.

12. The next 2 are Hero Abilities. Change them to FFs too.

13. The next 4 are Hero Stats. Change them to FFs too.

14. The next 4 are base damage. To put it in the billions make it 77 35 94 00.

15. The next byte is additional projectiles. For 4 put as 83. Only use on Huntresses,
Apprentices, and certain pets for this.

16. The next 4 bytes are projectile speed. Change these to 00 00 FF FF.

17. The next byte is Elemental type. Put them as 01 02 03 or 00.

18. The next four are Elemental Damage. Put them as 77 35 94 00.

19. The next 4 bytes are item size. If you want it big put 40 60 72 C2. If you want it
normal put it as 3F 80 00 00. (f you want your gun to be super duper small, 00 00 00 01. I wouldn't recommend it though since it will only fire in one direction)~credit to dEku

20. The next 4 are attack speed. For attack speed, replace 3F 80 00 00 with 40 40 00 00. The attack speed will be fast enough. By fast enough, you really don't need any higher than that. Only Squires and Monks.

21. The next is current upgrade level. You can put to 00 to start over or find out the
max upgrade and make it that.

22. Next 4 are current Experience in item. Leave this alone.

23. Next is weapon range. Use for Huntresses and put as FF.

24. Next is ranged damage. For huntresses or apprentices, put as 77 35 94 00.

25. The next 4 are clip size. Use for Huntresses only. Put as 77 35 94 00.

26. The next is reload speed. Use for Huntresses only. Put as FF.

27. Next is Knockback. Put as FF.

28. Next is Charge Speed. Use for Apprentices only. Put as FF.

29. Next is Shots per Second. Use for Huntresses only. Put as FF.

30. The next two are primary and secondary name. Leave these alone.

<31. Next is Item quality. In this first image, the four 7F's are numbers 26-29 on this list in the OP. The next 3 are 30-31.


All you have to do is change 30-31 from whatever is there, in my case, 02 00 05 to 05 00 00 for Godly status armor or weapons. Just make sure you you have all the same armor if you want the accomplishment and bonus. Like, everything is either Chain, Mail, Pristine, Leather, etc. If that makes sense.


32. Next is Item Primary Color. Use the color codes I gave you to change this.

33. Next is Item Secondary Color. Use the color codes I gave you to edit this.

34. The next 8 is the Item Serial code. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS. THIS WILL CAUSE

35. Max Upgrade can be changed to 01 for 1 or 64 for 100. You can change the
current upgrade level to this as well.

36. The next on the bookmark is Item Locked/Unlocked Locked = 01
Unlocked = 00.

37. The rest are color glows and colors. Edit these with the color codes I gave you.

Changing the Colors:
What I like to do, is find the Secondary Glow first and work my way backwards, but everyone is different. Usually, the glows are always 3F 80 00 00, sometimes the Primary will be 00 00 00 00 and that's why I start at Secondary most of the time.


The first set of Red, Green, Blue, and Glow is the Primary, the second is the Secondary.

If you want really bright colors, go with 44 44 00 00 or 48 A0 00 00. I go with 44 44 00 00 because it all turns out the same
anyways if you want the neon colors. If you want a dark black, but not pitch black, 00 00 44 44. If you want pitch black, FF 80 00 00. (You have to put either one of those in the Red, Green, and Blue.)

Do the same thing with the Base Converter like what I showed you for the backwards weapons but don't make the number negative, unless you want too.

You can even make your characters brightly colored.

Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Green = Yellow
Green + Blue = Cyan
Red for just red
Blue for blue
Green for green
Other colors are pretty straight forward.
38. When you're done save it and go back to cmd and type this in:
C:\DDMod\dd.exe -c C:\DDMod\save.decompressed C:\DDMod\DunDefHeroes.dun
and hit enter and it will start coding.

39. Put the Heroes.rebuilt into the save and delete the .rebuilt part and delete the
original then Rehash and Resign and put it back into your USB.

40. Done! Any problems or questions contact me.
Most Credit goes to

Tools: mediafire.com/?ns2igzol462796q

Making weapons backwards:
Open the Base Converter in Hex workshop.

Change the Byte Order to Motorola, and the Data Type to float (32).


In the Decimal area, type a negative number, like -2.

Take the Hex that appears in the Hex field and put that where the Weapon Size is.

My weapons size is 3F CD E0 22, so, I'd change that to C0 00 00 00.

Don't go too high though. -2 is a little big. BF 9F 00 00 is a good size, but if you want bigger than that, keep going negative.

Making an Apprentice or Huntress weapon backwards wouldn't really be worth it. Apprentice weapon shoot backwards and sometimes forwards, but not all the time. Huntress weapons will shoot backwards and Piercing Shot will also shoot backwards, making the weapon useless. But if you want to do it for looks, go right ahead.

Also, if you try and make a pet backwards, it gets turned upside and backwards and goes into the floor.


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Lol Nice tutorial man :) !


Next time you steal a tutorial from someone try to give credit.


^My original tutorial