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WaW zombie editor

Tutorial Name: WaW zombie editor  

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WaW editor

With this you can edit all the advanced settings in your saves.
Includes unmodded saves from all 4 maps so you don't need to get them yourself.

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Open the program, Click create game save.
Find the zombie map and click Create.

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How to round skip:

well 1st guys just thought i'd try help you guys out as i didn't see this on the forum,and the saves that are sticky onlt work on shi no numa and der reise, if anyone wants to do instant round mod on 1st and 2nd map you came to right place!


1st Make sure you have got a SaveGame on your hdd from WaW, doin this, Go to solo campaign and start new game, if it says resume game, leave it so be.

Plug your HDD into your computer and open up your HDD in Xport/Modio or whatever you use to open your HDD find your profile, and locate the WaW Folder, once located, just Right-Click and "Extract" top desktop, Once done so open your SaveGame.svg, Into CoD Tool, 1.5 Preferably, once done so, do any modding you want but once done go to the "Advanced" tab and type this:

when you go to the advanced tab type in these:



And put the value on both as Zero.
Once you have done that, click "Save Changes" and just insert back to your HDD where you found it.

Once done so go onto WaW and go solo, Resume game and if its super fast you got it right, then just save and quit then go onto zombies by doing so make sure to do this:
Save and Quit, Solo Campaign, Nazi Zombies, then choose either map 1 or map 2.


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My CoD Tool keeps closing! D: