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How To Install Dashlaunch On A JTAG

Tutorial Name: How To Install Dashlaunch On A JTAG  

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How To Install Dashlaunch On JTAG

This tutorial will teach you how to install dashlaunch on your JTAG and allow you to directly boot into FreeStyle Dash, XeXmenu, or any other dashboard or file.

*Dashlaunch:Get it in Xbins

Once Open Go To
/XBOX 360/development/system apps/dash_launch/


1.Once You Got Dashlaunch Downloaded,Unrar It.You Should Have A Folder Inside Called "Installer" Put That Aside,You Will Need It Later.
2.Now take the sample_launch.ini and rename it to launch.ini. Once it is renamed, open it up Using Notepad. You should see something similar to this:
3.Now we need to edit the launch.ini file for our specific settings. They will depend on if you are using an external HDD, a regular Microsoft HDD, or any other type of device to launch from. They will also depend on where you have your file stored and what file you are trying to launch. I want to launch NXE as default and XEXmenu with But_X.
4. These are my specific directories(folders), DO NOT copy my settings unless you have XeXmenu and FSD in those exact places on your USB device. If you were using a Microsoft HDD, then you would use Hdd:\ instead of Usb:\ as your place where you are launching your file from. This may seem confusing now, but just look over the info_launch.ini file that is included with dash launch to edit your launch.ini file to your specific settings.
4B.You are also going to want to look over the extra things that you can set. For instance, if you want pingpatch = true or false. I would leave nxemini and pingpatch = true as is. This will make it so that you don't have to use Yaris Swap on most of your Xbox LIVE Arcade games and make it so that you will have the ping limit removed for your JTAG. This will make it so that if you want to play on Xlink, then you can play with anyone without ping restrictions that Microsoft has set in place.

5.Now that we have the launch.ini edited the way that we want it, put it in the installer folder.

6.Now put the installer folder on your storage device(HDD, external, etc.). It can be put in any folder. I would recommend putting it on the root of the drive just for the sake of time saving and remembering where you put it.

7. Now plug the storage device into your JTAG and turn your JTAG on. Navigate to the installer folder through XeXmenu, FreeStyle Dash, or any other method and run the installer(default.xex) file.

8. You will now be on the installation screen for dash launch. It will tell you what to do, just follow the
instructions. It will probably ask you to update all the files, just do that. After it has completed everything that it needs to, just reboot your console.

9. Now that your console has rebooted, it should automatically boot into whatever dashboard/file you assigned it to boot into with your launch.ini file. If for some reason it doesn't boot into the right file, then turn your JTAG off and take your storage device out and edit the launch.ini file until you get it the way that you want it.

Congrats, once you have done all of that, you have successfully installed dash launch and will now be able to boot into FreeStyle Dash, XeXmenu, or any other dash without having to go back or start at the NXE dashboard.


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Pretty straight forward tut mate. thx


I added a patch for my jtag (the GodlyModZ v.5 patch) and once i put it in the mw2 dvd file and i load up default_mp.xex and it says disk unreadable what did i do wrong?


I Installed DashLaunch but i still cant accsess my patches.. Eplain


i picked up a win32/icbrute, hopefully a FP.


I clicked on the XBINS link in the tutorial and my AntiVirus picked up a WORM. FYI