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How To Put DLC On Your Jtag

Tutorial Name: How To Put DLC On Your Jtag  

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A HEX editor:
DLC patcher:
The DLC you want: get it off a friend or look at these links i setup: Here (Just a txt doc with links in it)
DLC you downloaded on your own XBL account (can be free)
A Jtaged xbox
The latest TU for the game your DLC is for (found in cache folder on xbox HDD (if game has the update))
A normal xbox (to download DLC from your profile)

Retrieving our license key

First off you want to open DLCPatcher.exe and click open file and locate the DLC what you own.

on the second line down you will see some numbers and letters (i hid half of mine). That is your license, its tied to your XBL account and the DLC needs that licence to work on your account so make a note of this as you will need it later.

Getting the DLC ready to put your key into

Now you need to Yaris Swap the DLC before you put your key into it, This may already be done if you downloaded it from the internet but to check load up the DLC in DLC patcher and it will look like this:

Now we need to get our DLC to look like like that so if it already does you can move onto the next spoiler, if it doesn't keep reading.

Open up YarisSwap.exe and locate the DLC you want

Then hit the "Hex mod - Yaris Swap" button (its hard to miss)

Now you have Yaris swapped the file, if you open it in DLC Patcher you will see the FFFF's

Hexing in your own license

Now we have to enter our own license what we found earlier into the DLC we want.
To do this we need to open our DLC in a hex editor

Now use Ctrl+F to start a search and key in:
ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

make sure type is selected as Hex!

when you click find you should see something like this:
The parts of the HEX are color coded with the parts you saw in the DLC Patcher.

what you now want to do is replace the RED and YELLOWFFFFFFFF's with your license.
For example, if ,my license was a1 00 00 2e 9d 4e 00 e1 it would look like this:

Then you will click save and it should save within a couple of seconds.

If something like this appeared for a long period of time it means that you have added extra data not overwritten it so you should quit the HEX editor and load a fresh copy

Now, once you have successfully saved the file, if you open it up in DLC Patcher again you should see something like this where a100002e9d4e00e1 would be your license


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Does the DLC Patcher v0.1 still work because I have tried to get my license many times and havent been able to get it.