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How to Create a Metal Piece with a Graved Text in Photoshop

Tutorial Name: How to Create a Metal Piece with a Graved Text in Photoshop  

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First Step:Creating a New Document
Open Photoshop and create a New Document of 600x400px.

Step 2:Background Gradient
Now add a sleek black to black gradient for the background.

Step 3:Creating the Metal Piece
Grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool(U),set the radius to 15px and draw a rectangle of 370x240px.

A black Outer Glow with the size of 3px and the opacity of 20%.Be sure to have the blend mode to Multiply.

Bevel and Emboss with the next settings:Depth:320%,Size:2px,Soften:0px.

And the hard part,the Gradient Overlay.Apply the settings from the next image to obtain the same result.

Step 4:Creating the Text
Enter text with font-size of 68px.

Step 5:Blending Options for the Typography
After typing in some words play around with the options to find a nice effect.

Step 6:Adding 4 holes in the corners:
Grab the Ellipse Tool and draw a small circle in one of the corners.
Now add the next blending options to create an inner effect too.
Now,the small circle truly looks like a hole.
Duplicate the Hole Layer and put one in the rest of the corners.

Step 7:Making the Metal Piece a lil bit Grunge:
Firstly,download the Grunge Brush Set from the top-list.Secondly,create a new layer just above the metal piece layer.Then,Ctrl+Click on the Metal Screen Layer to reveal its selection.Now click on the new layer that you`ve just create and paint inside the selection with some grunge brushes from the set.Are you wondering why we must paint inside the selection?The answer is simple:because we want to paint only inside and not outside.

Last Step:Adding a mirror reflection of the Metal Piece:
A last effect that I want to show you is the mirror reflection effect in Photoshop.For this,you have to select all the layers created till now,without the background,and duplicate them.After,merge them in one layer(Ctrl+E).Then flip the layer Vertical by going to Edit->Transform->Flip Vertical and put it under the initial metal piece.

Now,add a Layer Mask for this new layer by going to Layer->Layer Mask->Reveal All.

Now grab the Gradient Tool(G) set a gradient from black to white and paint inside the layer mask like in the image:

You may low a little bit the opacity of the layer for a better mirror reflection effect.


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