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How To Download Free Gamerpictures

Tutorial Name: How To Download Free Gamerpictures  

Category: Xbox 360 Game Modding Tutorials

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Things You Will Need
1. A Flash Drive
2. Modio 3.0
3. USBXplorer
4. Gamer Picture Injector

Ok first you want to plug in your USB flash drive into your XBOX360 and go into system settings then memory and then find your memory device and copy your profile to that device then unplug and go onto the computer.

Ok when you are on your computer you want to open up USBXplorer and then go to file, open device and click through the numbers to make sure your profile is there. Then open up Gamer Picture Injector and go to file, update games and then search the games you want. Now click on the ones you want,

:!: Do not download more then 20 or it will not save :!:

Then click save to file and save it to your desktop and you can name them whatever you want to. You can exit that out then you want to open Modio 3.0. Then drag your Gamer Pictures into Modio 3.0 and let it load for a quick. When the window pops up you want to click rehash and resign. Then exit out of Modio 3.0. Now you want to open up USBXplorer again. Then again go to file, open device. Double click content then click on the folder with a bunch of zeros and then go all the way to the end until it says gamer picture and then click on the inject button. Then find your Gamer Pictures and click open. Then unplug your USB Flash Drive and head over to your xbox.

Now plug in your USB and and go into memory and find your device and go to your gamer pictures and you will see the gamer pictures you downloaded. Click on those and click move and move it to your gamer profile in hard drive. Boom, there you go. You have gamer pictures.



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can anyone confirm if this still works? btw the gamerpic i want is my avy, the red crown from nfs pro street


Good TuT. nice and descrptive.


ok well sorry it just never worked more than 20 for me


ive downloaded more than 40 at a time