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How to Reball an Xbox 360

Tutorial Name: How to Reball an Xbox 360  

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Before we Begin:
This method requires experiences, patience, and some expensive equipment. It is not recommended you attempt to do this yourself. If you mess something up i am not responsible for your broken xbox 360. It is recommended you get this done by a professional who knows what he's doing. If you want this done to your xbox, go HERE*Note - This isn't a detailed tutorial. This tutorial is more for the purpose of showing you what a reball is. I've left a few things out.

A Reflow station or something similar (Anything you would use to reflow your xbox, not an oven)
Solder balls (Or a preform, Preform is easier, but solder balls work)
Flux Paste
Solder, Solder Gun, and anything else you'd need when soldering
A stencil for your GPU chip (Highly Recommended)
Suction Pen (Recommended)
Solder Wick

Removing the GPU
The first thing you want to do is take your motherboard completely out of your xbox. There are many tutorials on this all over the site. Next, you want to begin to reflow your motherboard on the GPU chip. Once your reflow reaches it's maximum temp. you want to remove the chip. I recommend using a suction pen, but it can be removed by other means. Just put the sucker on the part were you put the thermal paste, and pull. It should come off fairly easy.

Cleaning the GPU
Once you have your GPU removed, it's time to clean that crappy lead free solder off of the bottom. This can be done a lot of ways, the way i've found most effective is to take your solder gun and run it over the bottom of the chip very briefly. This will get most of the solder off of the chip. Don't worry if the chip is brownish underneath the silver lead, you didn't burn your chip. Note* In between all the cleaning, make sure to wipe off the chip with a towel, and maybe a dap of water or rubbing alchohol if you feel it's necesary. This next part can get hard to do, but just try to keep your hand steady. Your going to press your solder wick onto your chip, and gently press down on it with your solder gun. This sick will attract and grab all the solder still left in the gaps. Just press and do gently circle motions until you feel you've cleaned the whole chip sufficiently. After you've gotten the solder off, wipe off the chip with rubbing alchohol or whatever you choose, until the chip is shiny and looks new.

Applying The New Solder
In this step you will be putting your new better solder onto the chip. There is two methods for this. You can either use a preform or solder balls. For the preform, you just want to apply some sticky flux and match the preform up to the chip until it fits perfectly. For the solder balls, take you stencil and place the GPU it in, then pour your solder balls onto the chip. Spread them around with anything you like, brushes work well. Keep applying the balls untill all your dips are filled with balls on the chip. Now that you have your solder on your chip, whether it be your preform or regular solder balls, place the GPU chip back into place and reflow your xbox like normal. You may want to solder the edges to keep it into place.

Congratz! You have now reballed your xbox 360. This method should prevent RRoD for a veery long time. Now please don't follow this tutorial until you've watched some videos on reballing. This tutorial is not meant to be followed step by step by itself. There are a few small details left out. If you don't have some of the equipment, don't try THIS! Get it done by someone who does


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