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Call Of Duty WaW Zombie Mod {USB}

Tutorial Name: Call Of Duty WaW Zombie Mod {USB}  

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First off, you could follow the Campaign modding Tutorial (Completely) then go to "Save & Quit" > "Solo" > "Mission Select" > "Nazi Zombies" and chose any zombies map, but the mods won't be even close compared to these (FYI: You will need to delete your old savegame before doing this)

Things you will need:

USB Flash Drive (Configured to your Xbox)
ID Sets saved on modio
Newest WaW map pack: These mods are only for Der Riese

How To Save Your ID Sets on Modio

Put your profile on your USB Flash Drive
Open up Modio and go to "Explore a Device"
Click "File" > "Open/Close Drive"
Then go to "Content" > "Click On Your Profile" > "Profile Storage" > "Profiles"
Right click on your profile and click "Open in Resigner"
Click the button that says "Edit ID Sets"
Click on the thing on the left that says "Unamed Set"
Click the button that says "From File" and go to "From Device"
Click on your profile and it Save it and your Done!

After you have your ID's Saved onto Modio, it's time to download a modded game save!

On Modio click "Download a Gamesave"
Click on "Most Popular"
It should be the 1st one on the list, it's named "# NAZI ZOMBIES DER RIESE BEST PLAYABLE MODS"
Click on it then go to "Download" but click the drop down arrow next to it and click "Download to Device" (You need to have the ID's Saved)
It should pop up with your profile, just click on it
Your good to go!

Now go back to your Xbox, start up WaW, select the USB Flash Drive as the storage device, and resume the campaign! Have fun!!!


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Awesome Man These Mods Really Work!


easy thank you so much your a boss


what is on these mods?


yo please add my GT : o T Y R O N E
i need some help thanks