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How To Make A CoD4 Patch (TUT)

Tutorial Name: How To Make A CoD4 Patch (TUT)  

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1. Download A Clean Patch And .FF Viewer (Download Links Below)

2. Once Downloaded Both Of Them, Open .FF Viewer

3. In .FF Viewer Open Up The Clean Patch.

4. When You Opened Up The Clean Patch Click On The "patch/made/by/__NITRAM__.gsc"

5. It Will Come Up With Some DVARs.
6. At The Start Of the Code it Will Say "self setClientDvar("ui_mapname", "mp_shipment; vstr ;"
Where it Says " "mp_shipment;"

You Can Change That To Any Of The Maps Below: (Some Of Them i Dont Know What Map it is)

"mp_backlot; - Backlot
"mp_bloc; - Bloc
"mp_bog; - Bog
"mp_cargoship; - Unknown
"mp_citystreets; - Unknown
"mp_convoy; - Unknown
"mp_countdown; - Countdown
"mp_crash; - Crash
"mp_crossfire; - Crossfire
"mp_farm; - Unknown
"mp_overgrown; - Overgrown
"mp_pipeline; - Pipeline
"mp_shipment; - Shipment
"mp_showdown; - Showdown
"mp_strike; - Strike
"mp_vacant; - Vacant
"mp_broadcast; - Unknown

This is Just a little thing you can change, it doesn't really matter
7. After That Bit Of Code it Should Say "bind button_back say ^2join britishmoddingteam.thetechgame.com;"
What This bit of code means is when you click a certain button on the controller it comes up with a message.

First Of all You Need to choose the button by changing This Bit Of code "bind button_back"

The Buttons Are:
bind button_back - Back Button
bind button_a - A Button
bind button_x - X Button
bind button_b - B Button
bind button_y - Y Button
bind dpad_left - Dpad Left
bind dpad_right - Dpad right
bind dpad_up - Dpad Up
bind dpad_down - Dpad Down
bind button_rtrig - Right Trigger
bind button_ltrig - Left Trigger
bind button_rshldr - Right Bumper
bind button_lshldr - Left Bumper

After You done That You Need To Change The Message Bit Of The Code.

Where it says "say ^2join britishmoddingteam.thetechgame.com;"
You Can Change The Color Of The Message By Editing The "^2" Bit.

Colors Are:

"^1" - Red
"^2" - Green
"^3" - Yellow
"^4" - Blue
"^5" - Cyan
"^6" - Pink
"^7" - White
"^8" - Default Map Color
"^9" - Grey
"^0" - Black

After You Done That You can change the message "^2Your Text Here!;"

Remember You always Need The " ; " After Every DVAR.
After That You Can Add All The Mods You Want You Want But Remember to Always Put A " ; " After Every Mod.

There Will Be A List OF Some Common Mods Below.

Common DVAR Mods:

Click to Hide Content

Super Jump - jump_height 999;

Super Run Speed - g_speed 600;

Super Gravity - g_gravity 1;

Chrome Mode - r_specularmap 0;

Cartoon Mode - r_fullbright 1;

Promod - cg_fov 100;

Unlimited Ammo - player_sustainammo 1;

Laser - cg_LaserForceOn 1;

And Way More

Hope This Helps


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Dont you just miss all this :(


Boyds Do I need a jtag for this?


Do I need a jtag for this?


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