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High on Life | Who's The Boss? Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: High on Life | Who's The Boss? Achievement Guide  

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Who's The Boss? Achievement Guide

This achievement is part of the main story and is unmissable. In order to complete it you must defeat the Skrendel brothers bounty. This bossman is one of the most difficult in the game, until you figure out a tactic. Throughout the mission you will fight all of the brothers individually and they are relatively easy encounters to overcome. At the end of the mission you will take on all three together, and this is where the challenge really begins.

The best way I have found to defeat them is to primarily use the new weapon Creature in combination with Squeezy. When the brothers stand together (as Bro-Tron), use Squeezys slow effect on them and then fire a couple of magazines from Creature into them. This will cause them to break apart almost immediately. When they attack you collectively, avoid the hurricane attack by stepping between the arms and then immediately shooting.

Once the brothers are separated, fire a magazine of Creature equally amongst them, and then focus ALL of your firepower on a single brother. Your aim is to kill him and take him out of the fight before they reunite. Once this is done. Repeat the process on the two remaining brothers.

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    Shoot Creature into the bee hive to release a wasp that can be utilised when on low health.

    Buy the 3500 mod for Creature during the mission at the kitchen is you can. This allows him to launch up to 3 of his lil' guys at once!

    Make use of the 4 armour packs throughout the arena.

    Using Creature's special shot will make a brother stop moving and punch himself, providing the player some relief from their collective barrage.


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