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Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Ties That Bind Us Guide

Tutorial Name: Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Ties That Bind Us Guide  

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The Ties That Bind Us

This is a stranger mission that can be stumbled upon just outside of Rhodes in the trees by the train tracks in the fourth chapter of the game. You will stumble over two escaped convicts called Mr Black and Mr White who are engaged in a tussle. Upon approaching them, they will ask you to tear down all of their wanted posters in Rhodes. There are five of them in total.

Go immediately to the train station in Rhodes and enter the building. You will find the first poster on a bulletin board in the train station. Next leave the station and walk to the road with the gun store. Walking up this road with the gun store on your left, you will find the next two posters on wooden poles. A man will be leaning on one of these poles and refuse to move to allow you to take the poster. You must best him in a bout of fisticuffs before you can take the poster down. As the road curves to the left, look to the small buildings on your right. The fourth poster will be on a bulletin board on the second building to the end, just to the left of the terrace. Now follow the road round to the left, a short cut scene will take place as you see a bounty hunter take the fifth poster. You must follow him a way out of town before knocking him out, lassoing him, or killing him. You can take the poster from his body.

Return to the men in the forest and burn their posters.

If you do not wish to assist them, you can knock them out and carry them to Rhodes police station where you will receive a bounty of $80 for their capture. The best way to do this is to stealth knock out one, before lassoing the other.

If you chose to assist them in their plight for freedom, you can find them again a few days later in Dewsbury Creek, north of Rhodes. The marker will appear as you come into the area. They will be ill and you can heal them with a health cure. You will receive good karma for this.

Ultimately, your options are to make a quick $80, or to gain good karma and listen to their endearing bickering. A small side mission in the game, but a very charming one.


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