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FIFA 21 - UT Coin Acquisition Method (Silver Packs)

Tutorial Name: FIFA 21 - UT Coin Acquisition Method (Silver Packs)  

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This is a manual method to acquire coins that I used during the time that I played FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. I put about five minutes into it every time I played the game for around two months and made well over 1,000,000 coins.

It's quite simple. Buy shiny silver packs, sell the cards.

Buying Silver Packs

There are two types of silver packs.

The standard silver pack costs 2,500 and offers between 3-9 players, but contains only one rare card.
The premium silver pack costs 3,750 and offers between 3-6 players, and contains three rare cards.

I recommend to use the premium silver pack as silver rare cards (both players and consumables) are much more valuable than the standard cards.
There is a chance that profit is not made if you only buy a small number of packs and are unfortunate in the cards you receive. As they say, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. It is recommended to buy at least ten packs, in this case profit is extremely likely.
The beauty of silver packs is that silver cards are very rare on the marketplace, meaning that they are nearly always in high demand!
There are certain cards you are looking for when buying these packs. They are detailed below.

Tier 1 Cards (5,000 - 10,000 coins)

The cards you want to find here are English DIV 1/2 cards, rare strikers from specific nations and football kits & badges from Europe's top 5 divisions and other well-known teams.
English silver cards usually go for between 6,000 - 10,000 coins depending on position and the team they play for. DIV 1 cards fall towards the higher end of the bracket, DIV 2 cards towards the lower end.
Rare strikers from the English, French, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese or German leagues tend to go for between 8,000-10,000 coins.
Football kits & badges from Europe's top five leagues (France, England, Germany, Spain & Italy) will nearly always go for 5,000 coins (the max cost). Other well known teams from other divisions such as Ajax, PSV, Porto, Sporting Lisbon, Celtic, Rangers, FC Salzburg, St Pauli, Steaua Bucureti, ect... will also sell for 5,000. Use your own discretion as to which teams are well known enough for the kits & badges to be valuable.

Tier 2 Cards (2,500 - 5,000 coins)

The cards you want to find here are players from Europe's top 5 leagues, strikers, stadiums and celebration cards.

Silver player's from Europe's top five leagues will generally go for over 2,500 coins. Compare the price of your card on the market if you are unsure. If you have no competition, list the care towards the higher end of the spectrum for 3 days. If you have no luck, drop the cost by 500 coins and relist until it sells.
Strikers both rare and non-rare will sell within this price range. Again, check the market prices and list accordingly, but I would recommend at least 4,000 coins regardless. Strikers are always in high demand!
Silver stadiums will often go for at least 2,500 coins. If you recognise the stadium, even better (unless you're a massive football nerd)! That means that others will recognise it (and probably want it) too. In this case, list for 5,000.
Silver celebration cards are very rare on the marketplace. It's unlikely you will have any competition. I usually list them towards the higher end of this price spectrum and they always sell.

Tier 3 Cards (750 - 2,500 coins)

This tier is quite broad compared to the others. In this range you will sell players from weaker divisions, some lesser known kits & badges, lesser known stadiums that haven't sold at 2,500 coins.

Players from the MLS, Turkish, Argentinian, Mexican, Scottish, Irish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian leagues will probably sell for around 750-1,500 coins depending on their position and rating. Some may go for even higher. Use your own initiative here.
Badges and kits that I do not recognise, I usually put up for 1,000 coins. They mostly sell if listed for three days as there are rarely any competition on the market and people from all over the world play this game.
If your lesser known stadiums haven't sold at 2,500, drop the price to the lower of the this spectrum to get rid.

Tier 4 Cards (250 - 750 coins)

Here you are looking for any other player cards and healing cards.

Players from divisions not listed above will generally sell for over 500 coins, regardless of where they are from. I recommend starting at 650 and dropping the price by 100 coins if they do not sell after three days on the marketplace.
Healing cards can be listed for 150 BID / 250 BIN.

Tier 5 Cards (Quick Sell)

Once you have listed all of the cards above, you can simply quick sell these remaining cards. They include player contracts, manager contracts, manager cards, balls, TIFO's and themes. These should give you a return of a few hundred coins, saving you some on the cost of the pack.

As mentioned earlier, this is a riskier venture than bronze packs, but if the right cards are found it can be highly profitable in a short space of time. After opening ten packs, you are almost guaranteed to find a number of tier one cards. You only need to find around 5 of these to break even, from then on everything else will be profit. If you want to make profit at a faster pace, consider doing this for some hours on a Friday or Saturday evening and listing your cards for 1-3 hours. Personally, I prefer just doing a few packs for three days before starting a gaming session as it's less time consuming, and the profit is realised the next time I tune in.

Good luck


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Variations of this technique are also fruitful on Fifa 22 and 23. Check out my other tutorials if you are interested as I'll soon post guides for these games too.