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[Guide][MW2][TU7]How to Mod .DLL Files (ihc.DLL)

Tutorial Name: [Guide][MW2][TU7]How to Mod .DLL Files (ihc.DLL)  

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Submitted By: XeXenon

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How to Mod .DLL Files
Guide by: CBD


Here's a quick little guide to help you edit/mod any .dll file for use with Modern Warfare 2. This method will work with the 7th Title Update. Though .DLL File modding you can infect your retail Xbox with these mods and carry them online. All Infections from TU6 still work (with the exception binds (infectable mod menus)). There will be a list of confirmed working DVARs below. I will try my best to keep this guide up-to-date, if there is anything you'd like added or if theres faulty information in the guide please feel free to PM me. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I'll try to help you out.

How to Edit/Mod the ihc.DLL File:
If you wish to mod a different .DLL File just replace all "ihc.dll" codes with your .DLL Files name.
Example: For decrypting a different .DLL File.
File: alterIW4.Main.dll
xextool -e d -c b -o ihc-decompress.xex alterIW4.Main.dll.xex

  1. Download XeXTool, then Extract the contents of the XeXtool.rar into a Folder.

  2. Take your ihc.dll & Default_mp.xex/Default_mp_Launcher.xex and copy paste it into the XeXTool Folder. Once in the folder rename the File and add ".xex" to the end. It should look like "ihc.dll.xex"

  3. Right click on the Folder and select "open command window here".
    NOTE: If you are running Windows XP you will need to download & install this:
    [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

  4. It will open a Command Prompt. Copy paste this code into the Prompt:
    xextool -e d -c b -o ihc-decompress.xex ihc.dll.xex

  5. You should now have a file called "ihc-decompress.xex". Open the new file in your Hex Editor, press CTRL+F and search for "^5Made ^6by ^9iHc James!". Below that you should see all the DVARs, now edit/add to your hearts content .
    (Just remember that you can only go up to "..c "^2Infections ^5Complete"". And you cannot Paste Insert, it must be Paste Write or else you will increase the File size and corrupt the file.)

  6. Once you are finished editing/adding DVARs Save and Exit out of your Hex Editor.

  7. Right Click on your folder again (the one with XeXTool) and click "open command window here". Once the Command Prompt Copy Paste this:
    xextool -e e -c c -o ihc.dll.xex ihc-decompress.xex

  8. Once that's complete go into your Folder and rename the "ihc.dll.xex" back to "ihc.dll".

  9. Now Copy Paste your ihc.dll & Default_mp.xex/Default_mp_Launcher.xex back into your MW2 Root Folder. Then just load up Default_mp_Launcher.xex on your JTAG/RGH/Dev Kit and infect yourself.

How to Infect Yourself:
Materials needed:
  • JTAG/RGH/Dev Kit.
  • Retail xbox 360
  • Modded .DLL File & Modded Default_mp.xex/Default_mp_Launcher.xex

  1. Once you have Copy & Pasted your files into your MW2 Game Root Folder, than you need to start up your JTAG/RGH/Dev. Kit.
  2. Go into XeXMenu and go to you MW2 Game Root Folder.
  3. Scroll down to your Default_mp.xex/Default_mp_Launcher.xex File and launch it.
  4. Go to System Link --> Create Match. Then Start the game.
  5. Now start up your retail, take a Ethernet Cord and connect your Retail and JTAG/RGH/Dev. Kit to each other.
  6. On your retail join your JTAG/RGH/Dev. Kit's Match.
  7. Press the Back Button on your JTAG/RGH/Dev. Kits Controller, text should show up on the screen.
  8. Once infection is completely back out on your retail and go into private match, Invite your friends and start the game.
  9. It should end 5 mins. after the countdown is finished.
  10. Now you should have been forced into a Public FFA Match.

Working TU7 DVARs:
Here's a list of working TU7 Infectable DVARs. if there are faulty DVARs (DVARs that don't stick or work at all) please PM me and I will update it immediately.

  • Infectable XP (instant lvl 70):
    scr_game_suicidepointloss "1"
    scr_arena_score_suicide "2516000" //Arena Gametype XP
    scr_ctf_score_suicide "2516000" //Capture the Flag Gametype XP
    scr_dd_score_suicide "2516000"
    scr_dm_score_suicide "2516000" //Death Match Gametype XP
    scr_dom_score_suicide "2516000" //Domination Gametype XP
    scr_gtnw_score_suicide "2516000" //Global ThermoNuclear War Gametype XP
    scr_koth_score_suicide "2516000" //King of the Hill Gametype XP
    scr_oneflag_score_suicide "2516000" //One Flag Gametype XP
    scr_sab_score_suicide "2516000" //Sabotage Gametype XP
    scr_sd_score_suicide "2516000" //Search and Destroy Gametype XP
    scr_vip_score_suicide "2516000" //V.I.P. Gametype XP
    scr_war_score_suicide "2516000" //War Gametype XP

  • Force Host:
    party_iamhost 1
    party_connectToOthers 0
    party_hostmigration 0

  • Perk Mods:
    perk_armorPiercingDamage "999" //Super FMJ
    perk_blastShield "65" //Super Blast Shield Health
    perk_bulletDamage "999" //1 Shot 1 Kill (Stopping Power)
    perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier "2"
    perk_extendedMagsMGAmmo "99" //Super Ammo Clip
    perk_extendedMagsPistolAmmo "99" //Super Ammo Clip
    perk_extendedMagsRifleAmmo "99" //Super Ammo Clip
    perk_extendedMagsSMGAmmo "99" //Super Ammo Clip
    perk_extendedMagsSpreadAmmo "99" //Super Ammo Clip
    perk_extendedMeleeRange "9999" //Super Knife Range
    perk_extraBreath "99" //Unlimited Hold Breath
    perk_explosiveDamage "999" //Super Danger Close
    perk_fastSnipeScale "9" //Instant Zoom-in
    perk_grenadeDeath "remotemissile_projectile_mp" //Super Martyrdom
    perk_improvedExtraBreath "99" //Unlimited Hold Breath
    perk_lightWeightViewBobScale "0.0001" //No Friction
    perk_quickDrawSpeedScale "99" //Instant Zoom-in
    perk_scavengerMode "1" //Enable Scavenger
    perk_sprintMultiplier "9" //Super Sprint
    perk_sprintRecoveryMultiplierActual "0.0001" //Faster Sprint Recovery
    perk_sprintRecoveryMultiplierVisual "0.0001" //Faster Sprint Recovery
    perk_weapRateMultiplier "0.0001" //Super Rapid Fire
    perk_weapReloadMultiplier "0.0001" //Super Slight of Hand
    perk_weapSpreadMultiplier "0.0001" //Super Steady Aim

  • Hidden Gametypes/Maps:
    g_gametype "Arena" //Arena Gametype
    g_gametype "GTNW" //Global ThermoNuclear War Gametype
    g_gametype "OneFlag" //One Flag Gametype
    g_gametype "VIP" //V.I.P. Gametype (PC Only)
    g_mapname "Shipment_mp" //Shipment from CoD4 (You CANNOT actually play the map)
    g_mapname "" (You CANNOT actually play the map)
    g_mapname "" (You CANNOT actually play the map)
    g_mapname "" (You CANNOT actually play the map)

  • Enhanced UAV
    compassSize 1.4 //Larger UAV
    compassRadarPingFadeTime 9999
    compassSoundPingFadeTime 9999
    compassRadarLineThickness  0
    compassMaxRange 9999 //Increase UAV Pick-up Range
    forceuav_slowdown_debug 1
    uav_debug 1
    forceuav_debug 1
    scr_game_forceuav 1 //Unlimited UAV
    cg_footsteps 1 //Hear/See Enemy Footsteps
    compassEnemyFootstepEnabled 1
    compassEnemyFootstepMaxRange 99999
    compassEnemyFootstepMaxZ 99999
    compassEnemyFootstepMinSpeed 0
    compassRadarUpdateTime", 0.001
    compassFastRadarUpdateTime", 2

  • Nuke & Game Timers:
    scr_nukeTimer 9999 //Nuke Timer
    scr_arena_timelimit 9999 //Arena Gametype Time Limit
    scr_ctf_timelimit 9999 //Capture the Flag Gametype Time Limit
    scr_dd_timelimit 9999 // Gametype Time Limit
    scr_dm_timelimit 9999 //Death Match Gametype Time Limit
    scr_dom_timelimit 9999 //Domination Gametype Time Limit
    scr_gtnw_timelimit 9999 //Global ThermoNuclear War Gametype Time Limit
    scr_koth_timelimit 9999 //King of the Hill Gametype Time Limit
    scr_oneflag_timelimit 9999 //One Flag Gametype Time Limit
    scr_sab_timelimit 9999 //Sabotage Gametype Time Limit
    scr_sd_timelimit 9999 //Search and Destroy Gametype Time Limit
    scr_vip_timelimit 9999 //V.I.P. Gametype Time Limit
    scr_war_timelimit 9999//War Gametype Time Limit

  • WallHack:
    r_znear 57 //WallHack
    r_zfar 0
    r_zFeather 4
    r_znear_depthhack 2
    cg_drawThroughWalls 1 //See Player Names through walls
    cg_enemyNameFadeOut 900000
    cg_enemyNameFadeIn 0

  • Text/Icon Mods:
    lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor2 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game No Ammo text
    lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor1 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game No Ammo text
    lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor2 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game Reload text
    lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor1 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game Reload text
    lowAmmoWarningColor2 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game Low Ammo text
    lowAmmoWarningColor1 (RGB Color Code Goes here) //Mods 1 color of the in-game Low Ammo text
    g_teamname_allies (text goes here) //Change Team Name
    g_teamname_axis (text goes here) //Change Team Name
    g_gametype (text goes here) //Change Gametype name
    g_mapname (text goes here) //Change Map Name
    g_teamIcon_allies (Icon name goes here) //Change Team Icon
    g_teamIcon_axis (Icon name goes here) //Change Team Icon

    RGB Color:
    Take RGB Color values and divide them by 100.
    [b][color=red]Example:[/b][/color] Lime Green RGB Values: 50 205 50
    Divide Values by 100: 0.5 2.05 5
    Use in DVAR:
    [code]lowAmmoWarningNoReloadColor1 "0.5 2.05 5"[/code]

    Test Code:
    ^0 = Black
    ^1 = Red
    ^2 = Lime
    ^3 = Yellow
    ^4 = Blue
    ^5 = Cyan
    ^6 = Purple
    ^7 = White
    ^8 = Grey
    ^9 = Grey


  • Visions:
    r_specularmap "2" //Chrome Vision
    r_debugShader "1" //"Rainbow" Vision
    r_fullbright //Cartoon Vision
    cg_fovscale 80 //ProMod Vision

  • Hear/Talk to all:
    cg_everyoneHearsEveryone 1
    cg_chatWithOtherTeams 1
    cg_deadChatWithTeam 1
    cg_deadHearAllLiving 1
    cg_deadHearTeamLiving 1
    cg_drawTalk "ALL"

  • Misc. DVARs:
    player_burstFireCooldown 0.0001 //Auto M16/Famas
    g_meleeRange 999 //Super Knife Range
    player_meleeHeight 1000
    player_meleeRange 1000
    player_meleeWidth 1000
    missileRemoteSpeedTargetRange 9999 99999 //Fast Predator Missles
    cg_drawFPS 1/2/3 //Displays FPS In-Game
    g_knockback 99999 //Super Knockback
    bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 9999 //No Fall Damage
    bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9998
    cg_drawShellshock 0 //No Flash/Stun Effects
    player_MGUseRadius 99999 //Use Mounted Machine Gun from across Map.
    player_useRadius 99999 //Pick up weapons from across Map.
    phys_gravity -9999 //Bodies/objects float to sky
    party_vetoPercentRequired 0.001 //1 Vote to Veto Map
    set claname (insert text here) //Edit Clantag (4 Characters only)


  • iHc James, for releasing the method. Thanks bro!
  • CraigChrist8239, for useful information I gathered to make this guide.
  • Teh1337, nah just kidding. You suck .

Thanks for reading, hope you found this useful :mrgreen:



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hey bro.

i have a problem

when i paste "xextool -e d -c b -o ihc-decompress.xex ihc.dll.xex" into the cmd
comes : error reading xex file ihc.dll.xex .

pls. help :)

what is the password ?


Thanks I'm gonna use this when I get my RGH.


Haze_Modz why does it ask for a paswoerd when i extract it or try to open it

why does it ask for password
please i need help


why does it ask for a paswoerd when i extract it or try to open it


Do you think that you could make a video for this plz BTW nice post