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Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z RAI K-84 Full Guide

Tutorial Name: Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z RAI K-84 Full Guide  

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The Dartboard puzzle in Firebase Z map is an essential step for unlocking the RAI K-84 weapon, and here you will find out how to solve it.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War officially received a new update earlier yesterday, adding the Firebase Z map as a new Zombies location to the game, and giving players one day to learn the map and explore its mysteries before jumping into the Easter Egg Quests. Right now, you can unlock the RAI K-84 weapon in Firebase Z, but to do so, you will need to follow several steps and solve some mysteries, including Firebase Z Dartboard puzzle.

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Step 1 - Generators
The very first step you need to do is to jump into the teleporter and then interact with three generators/reactors on the map to power up the whole facility including doors. This will allow you to gain access to much more places in Firebase Z.

Step 2 - Blueprint
Now, you need to go to the weapon lab. There you will find a scanner, a computer, and a blueprint on the wall. Pick up the blueprint, and head to the beach-side, which is the most eastern side of the map.

Step 3 - Eyeball
Near bunkers, you will find a burning tank. The head of the tank points towards another defeated tank, near which, you will find a zombie that you can interact with. Pick his eye ball and head to the weapon lab to scan it.

Step 4 - Barracks
The scanner will grant you a locker key. Pick it up and head to the Barracks buildings, where you have to open up all the lockers and deal with the mimics and get the very first part of the RAI K-84 weapon.

Step 5 - Firebase Z Dartboard
Head back to the weapon lab and interact with the computer. The screen will show you a circular figure divided into multiple pieces, with a flashing piece moving back and forth. You need to focus on the flashing piece, and remember exactly where it stops. It's going to stop in three different positions. Those positions each represent a piece of a Dartboard. You need to shoot at those positions in the Dartboard in the village and in the end, shoot at the center of the dartboard to open the hidden safe. This will grant you the barrel of the gun. Note that you need to fire the Dartboard with a single-fire gun like a pistol. Also, keep in mind that you should shoot at the pieces in the order you have seen them in the computer screen.

Step 6 - Raise Chaos
Now you need to progress the rounds by killing zombies to a point that you will see a new type of zombie spawned on the map with an energy-blasting weapon attached to his arm. Kill him and you will get a power cell. Head back to the lab, and you will find a big airborne bomb on a table. There's a small device in front of the bomb. Put the power cell inside the device and then go out and progress the rounds until the power cell is fully charged.

Step 7 - Build the Weapon
Pick the power cell and head to the table upon which you picked up the blue print. Interact with the table and you have the RAI K-84 weapon ready to use.

You can check out the video below if you need more details:


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