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You Can Play As Kratos In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Tutorial Name: You Can Play As Kratos In Immortals Fenyx Rising  

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Immortals Fenyx Rising is the latest large-scale open-world RPG to be set in the wonderful world of Ancient Greece. Interestingly, Ubisoft's latest mythological adventure pays homage to another iconic series based on some of the same source material: God of War.

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As it turns out, you can design your Immortals Fenyx Rising character to be the spitting image of Kratos - the eponymous God of War in Santa Monica Studio's illustrious franchise. At the start, I thought I was clutching at straws - I had the beard and bald head, but you could easily accomplish that much in pretty much any other RPG with decent character customization options.

That's when I saw Kratos' famous eye markings.

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There are a couple of things that aren't perfect here - Kratos' marking is on his left eye, and he has a smaller scar stretching across his right one. Fenyx's marking is listed as a scar and goes across his right eye, suggesting it's a mix of Kratos' scar and marking into one - although it's still distinguishable enough that there's only one character who springs to mind when you see it. This could be to avoid any kind of copyright conflicts that might have arisen from including an exact replica of Kratos in the game.

Also, for what it's worth, Immortals Fenyx Rising's character creator isn't particularly complex. There are a few hairstyles, and you can add facial hair if you like, but "head and eyes" is a whole category with only four options in it, and there aren't a whole lot of scars to choose from. This is Kratos' exact hair (or lack thereof), exact beard, and exact scar - I've also given Fenyx hazel eyes to match Kratos' iris color. The fact you can achieve a near carbon copy of Kratos with relatively few customization options is reason enough to conclude that this is an intentional little Easter egg more so than a product of a highly versatile character creator.

It makes sense, too. God of War's iteration on both Greek and Norse mythology paved the way for all kinds of historical and mythological experimentation in the games industry. I think this is a touching reference to Santa Monica Studio's iconic PlayStation character, which respectfully honors the legacy it has created. This Kratos is quite a bit younger than any version of him we've seen to date, though - the character creator doesn't let you change Fenyx's body type, so his chest is about 700 inches too small to be God of War (2018) Kratos.

Since discovering this little Easter egg, I've found myself constantly wishing that we could get the Leviathan Axe in Immortals Fenyx Rising - the Axe of Atalanta is pretty cool, but it doesn't quite double up as a massive metal boomerang. Also, I'm pretty sure that the Blades of Chaos would be pretty OP in any game they were ever included in.


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