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Xbox Series X/S Customize Your Home Menu

Tutorial Name: Xbox Series X/S Customize Your Home Menu  

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Customize Your Home Menu

While on the Home screen, hit the "View" button (the two windows button) to customize it. It'll take you to a Customize Home menu that allows you to reorder anything already on the screen, or delete them altogether. If you choose to add something, you can add apps based on suggestions, games, groups, and even specific friends.

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But that's not all you should change in this menu! As you can see on the right, you can change your system theme and adjust how motions work on the Home screen (the description specifically says "make motions more fluid while exploring home).

As of launch, there are three themes: Dark (the system default), Light (it's as bright as you'd expect!), and Scheduled, which allows your system to alternate between the two based on the sunrise and sunset times or on the time you set.

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Back at the Customize Home menu, you can select My color & background to change some defaults, including Tile transparency. You can also set your background to achievement art, gar art, colors, custom images, screenshots, or allow the Dynamic background to play. The Dynamic background looks like this and has a soft motion.

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The color is determined by the color you choose in the personalization settings.

If you're in need of high contrast, you can also find find that in the Ease of Access settings through the Customize Home menu. There are additional Ease of Access options in the Settings too.

Change Your Guide

When you press the Xbox button on your controller, it pulls up what's called the Guide. The order of information it presents to you can be changed. To do this quickly, open the Guide menu by pressing the Xbox button and move over to your profile icon to access the Profile & system menu.

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Select Customize the guide in this menu to bring up the customization screen. Unlike the Home menu, you can't delete tabs, but you can move them to any order you like.

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If you share a lot of screenshots, consider moving the Capture & share menu second. Or, if you play with friends frequently, the People tab might be better at the front of our Guide.


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