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Xbox Series X/S Digital Assistant Voice Commands

Tutorial Name: Xbox Series X/S Digital Assistant Voice Commands  

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Digital Assistant Voice Commands

If you're already miss saying "Xbox, on" to turn on the Xbox with a Kinect, you can still make that happen with the help of a digital assistant. You can issue other commands too.

In the Settings, scroll down to the fourth menu called Devices & connections. Then you'll see an option for Digital assistants.

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If you choose to enable the digital assistants, you'll have to continue your setup through the respective digital assistant apps. The settings menu shows options for Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Here are some of the commands you can try with the Google Assistant:

Hey Google, play [game name] on Xbox
Hey Google, turn on/off Xbox
Hey Google, pause/resume on Xbox
Hey Google, mute Xbox
Hey Google, record that on Xbox
Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox

If your Xbox device name is not "Xbox" then you'll need to say the device name in the place of "Xbox" for these commands.

And some commands you can use with the Xbox Skill on Alexa:

Alexa, tell Xbox to turn on/off
Alexa, tell Xbox to pause/resume
Alexa, tell Xbox to turn volume up/down
Alexa, tell Xbox to launch [game name]
Alexa, tell Xbox to launch [media app name]
Alexa, ask Xbox what I can say


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