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How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5

Tutorial Name: How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5  

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If you're picking up the PS5 at launch next week, here are some easy ways to ensure that you'll be able to bring all of your current PS4 games and data with you in the move.

In this age of modern video game consoles, one of the first steps that many folks look to take when upgrading their hardware comes with transferring all of their existing game data to that new, shiny machine. Luckily, when it comes to the forthcoming PS5, Sony has today provided us with some insight when it comes to carrying out this process.

In a new video posted to the PlayStation YouTube channel today, it was detailed how upcoming PS5 owners will be able to bring over their game data from the PS4 they might currently own. Depending on the data that you're looking to transfer, there are multiple ways to go about all of this. One of the most basic involves simply connecting both your PS4 and PS5 to the same WiFi network, signing into the same PlayStation account on both, and then transfer said data via your wireless Internet. Conversely, you can also link both consoles together with an Ethernet cable to make the move go faster.

The best part about this manner of transferring your data is that the PS5 won't be put on pause while it transpires. The moving of your data from PS4 will simply happen in the background, meaning that you can still use your next-gen console as you normally would.

The video also details other means of transferring data to PS5 as well. If you're looking to play PS4 games on the console and still own those physical discs, you can just pop them into the system and install them as you normally would on the current-gen model. Hard drives can also be attached to the PS5 so if you have an external drive that you currently utilize on PS4, you can seamlessly just plug it into the PlayStation 5 and you'll be good to go.

Lastly, game saves were also touched on and the process of bringing your active saves over to PS5 is largely the same as what we've seen on PS4. Assuming that you're a PS Plus subscriber, you'll freely be able to download any previous saves that you have on PS4 to your PS5 via the cloud. Conversely, you can also upload the saves to a USB drive and then transfer them over manually.

All in all, the entire ordeal of bringing over your PS4 data to PS5 seems very straightforward. Despite previous reports, let's just keep our fingers crossed that P.T. will be able to make the transition to next-gen as well.

For more on the transfer process as a whole, you can check out the aforementioned video down below. The PS5 itself is set to drop next week on November 12.


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