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Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars

Tutorial Name: Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars  

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Super Mario 64 kicks things off with a now truly iconic level: Bob-omb Battlefield.

Home of the bombs sounds like a rough place for a nice, easy, starter tutorial level, but it's more friendly than it seems. Like all levels in Mario 64, there are 7 stars to grab here - six mission stars and one for gathering a whole bunch of coins. Most of these can be nabbed right away, but for one you'll need to pop back later once you have a certain power-up. Here's how to get all the stars in World 1, Bob-omb Battlefield...

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Bob-omb Battlefield Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the Summit
Your first star is nice and simple. Work your way through the level - the centrepiece is a large mountain with lots of obstacles on the way. Climb the mountain and meet King Bob-omb at the top. The fight is simple - he'll walk toward you and try to grab you. Get behind him and use the punch button to grab him. Throw him, but be careful not to throw him off the mountain top. Throw him three times to win and get the star.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick
For Star 2, Koopa The Quick has spawned near the start. He's the large Koopa turtle. Talk to him and he'll race you for a star - you're racing to the top of the summit, where King Bob-omb was. You'll need to get there in around a minute in a half. You can easily get there in about a minute. You can use the warp hidden in the nook in the side of the mountain (just stand inside), but you can't use the cannons - that counts as cheating.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky
Not all star descriptions in Super Mario 64 are as clear as this one. Talk to the friendly pink Bob-ombs to open the cannons, and then head up the bridge to the raised area to the right of the Chain Chomp. There's a cannon here. Get inside and aim at the floating island in the sky. There's a tree on the island; aim above it so Mario grabs the tree to stop you from overshooting the island. On the island there's a yellow box; hit it for the star.

Alternatively, you can wait until you get the Wing Cap and get this by flying to the island.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 4: Find the Eight Red Coins
Get used to this one; every level in Mario 64 has a mission to grab 8 red coins. Once they've been nabbed, the star will appear in a clear location in the level. The coins are as follows:

Above the moving elevator platforms that rise to the level where the Chain Chomp is
On top of a green rock to the right of the Chain Chomp, beneath the floating island.
At the top of the tree on the floating island
On top of the Chain Chomp's stump
Under the bridge that leads to the mountain climb path
On a steep slope on the mountain side - you'll need to climb halfway up then slide down
In the middle of four tree stumps near Goombas
Also near the tree stumps


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