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Apex Legends Season 6 Crafting Guide

Tutorial Name: Apex Legends Season 6 Crafting Guide  

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Apex Legends Season 6, along with a variety of changes and content, introduces new crafting mechanics allowing players to fabricate all kinds of loot and upgrades to help them battle it out. This Apex Legends Crafting guide will cover everything you need to know related to crafting in Season 6 to familiarize you with this new mechanic.

Apex Legends Crafting
On the map, you'll get new items to find and collect; Large orange canisters with "Materials", the resource you'll need for crafting.

Mostly you'll find the crafting materials in harvesters at the Epicenter.

The extractors are also randomly found near compounds and named locations.

For the Extraction of these Materials, you must interact with the machine; which grants you 25 Materials per extractor.

Also, you can find new Material by opening chests along with finding loot from the corpses of the people you killed. In short, there are a lot of ways to find Material in the game.

Once you've collected enough material, you can now access the Replicator station.

These stations are mini-shops that allow you to trade Material in exchange for loot.

The Replicator always gives you mix items that are always available for purchase and are marked as Daily, Weekly, Permanent or Weapon Fit.

Note that anything in the Daily and Weekly section won't drop in the World. In Short, if you want your hands on any item from these slots, you'll have to wait for an entire week for them to start dropping in the World.

To use the Replicator, you must approach the orange machine. As soon as you reach it, a prompt will pop up that shows you how to use the Replicator.

A short cutscene trigger and a menu pops up on the screen. The menu is divided into 8 options with 5 categories each.

The Prices depend on what items you buy. Some can cost a lot more than the other.

Therefore, it's recommended to spend material on smaller things such as key attachments, armor, and gear.

For further information, you can check the crafting station from the sub-menu, right from the game mode selection option.

This is an essential tip for a player since it allows you to plan even further in advance.


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