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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Cessna 152 Flight Guide

Tutorial Name: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Cessna 152 Flight Guide  

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To help you out with getting your Cessna 152 up and running, we've prepared this guide to walk you through each and every step you need to do to perform a cold start, takeoff and landing with the Cessna 152 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Cessna 152 Basic Flight
If you don't know already, starting up a plane and getting it ready for flight is not that simple.

There are several steps to it which you need to follow properly to get your plane up in the air.

How to Cold Start

    Start off by flicking the switch right above the yoke to get rid of it. This will allow for better visibility so you can do the following steps more easily.
    Turn on the fuel by pulling the lever in the middle of the floor.
    Push the Carburator Heat and Mixture Control in all the way. They are in the middle of the deck. Then, push the Throttle Control Unit in until it's at about 17%.
    Turn both of the master switches on. They are the red switches on the bottom left of the deck.
    Pump the Prime Engine handle twice. It's to the left of the master switches.
    Set the Magneto to right, left, both and then start. It's to the right of the master switches.
    Set the Pitch Trim to take-off. It's right below the Carburator Heat handle.
    For the light switches, always turn on the Beacon, Strobe and Navigation lights.
    Make sure the oil pressure, oil temperature and fuel are good to go before taking off.
    Turn the parking brake off (under the dial to the far-left) and request the pushback by pressing Shift + P. Now, slowly make your way to the runway.
    Once you're at the runway and are lined-up properly, turn the parking brake back on and then increase your RPM to about 15.
    Set the Magneto to left and watch the drop on the RPM, then set to right and again watch the drop and then set it to both. Decrease the throttle again.
    You are now ready to take off.

How to Take Off

    Turn off the hand brake and increase the throttle about 50%. Wait for it to rev-up.
    The plane will start to veer to the left so keep control of it.
    Keep Increasing the throttle and when you reach 50-55 knots on the air speed indicator, hold back the throttle a little bit and take off into the air.

What to Do Once in the Air

    When you're up in the air, you'll want to be climbing around the 70-80 mark.
    You'll also want to use your Pitch Trim. Put it to nose-up but don't go too far up.
    Once you're high up, reduce the throttle. Your air speed will continue to go up quickly. It'll be smooth sailing from here on out.

How to Land

    When you decide that you want to land, turn back around and face the runway.
    When you see the runway, take in the throttle. If the runway is short, do a notch of flaps.
    Use your rudder to line yourself up properly with the runway.
    When you're near the runway, cut off the power.
    When you're about to touch the ground, lift up the nose a little bit to straighten yourself.
    When you touch the ground, press the brakes to finish your landing


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