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Paper Mario The Origami King Scuffle Island Guide

Tutorial Name: Paper Mario The Origami King Scuffle Island Guide  

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In Scuffle Island, Mario can participate in a mini-game where he'll have to fight 7 Paper Macho enemies in succession to get a bunch of coins as a reward. Paper Mario The Origami King Scuffle Island is quite hard to beat if you don't know what enemies you're going to face beforehand and how to deal with them.

To help you out with conquering Scuffle Island in Paper Mario Origami King, we've prepared this guide to tell you everything you need to know about it.

Paper Mario The Origami King Scuffle Island
Scuffle Island is located towards the bottom left on the map and becomes available after you unlock the port in Toad Town that goes to the Great Sea.

You have to face 7 different Paper Macho enemies in Scuffle Island and each fight will give you a certain number of coins.

You only have to remove the enemies' stickers and then whack them 2 or 3 times to defeat them.

The catch is that if your HP drops to zero and you lose a fight, you'll lose all the coins you've accumulated up to that point.

After each round, you'll have the option to quit the mini-game and leave with all the coins you've collected till then. Press B twice to quit when the prompt comes up.

If you read through this guide and use the given tips properly, you should be able to beat this mini-game in about 10 minutes or so.

When you complete Scuffle Island for the first time, you'll be rewarded with a whopping 31,600 coins. However, from then on, you'll get 11,160 coins each time you beat it.

The disappointing part is that out of the above mentioned 11,160 coins, 10,000 coins will come from the final enemy in the game.

Meaning, if you don't beat all the enemies, you'll barely get any coins.

Stomping Sentry Paper Macho Goomba (100 coins).
Poker-Faced Punisher Shy Guy (500 coins).
Swift-Shielded Soldier Koopa Troopa (1,000 coins).
Ghostly Goliath Boo (2,000 coins).
Feathered Fury Paratroopa (3,000 coins).
Rocky Rogue Stone Spike (5,000 coins).
Dark Destroyer Buzzy Beetle (20,000 coins).

First Battle: Goomba
Since this is the very first fight and only worth 100 coins, it's a walk in the park. The Goomba will charge forward in a straight line.

It takes a bit to charge up this attack so you have plenty of time to dodge it.

After it does the attack, it relaxes for a bit, allowing you to deal damage to it easily by attacking it with your hammer from the back.

Second Battle: Shy Guy
This fight is almost exactly the same as the first one; with the only difference being that the Shy Guy charges twice instead of only once.

So, you have to dodge two charges before you can get behind him and whack him with your hammer.

Third Battle: Koopa Troopa Battle
With this battle, the game really starts to turn up the difficulty. The Koopa Troopa hides in its shell and launches itself across the arena twice.

After the second charge, it'll pause, allowing you to hit it from the back to deal damage.

This attack is much harder to dodge than the one the Shy Guy did as he moves significantly quicker.

Fourth Battle: Boo
The fourth fight should be relatively easy. When you look straight towards Boo, he'll get shy and close his eyes for a few seconds, allowing you to maneuver around without him noticing.

You can use this mechanic to your advantage by waiting until he's very close to you and then looking at him.

He'll become shy and you'll easily be able to walk around him to whack him from behind.

Fifth Battle: Paratroopa
The Paratroopa will fly around the arena and when it gets close enough to you, it'll get into its shell and charge an attack before rushing straight towards you.

What you need to do is parry this attack by whacking him with your hammer right as he's about to hit you. Timing is key here.

If you look closely, you'll see that the Paratroopa has a small seal on it. If you break the seal, this fight will pretty much become the same as the third fight.

Sixth Battle: Stone Spike
As his name suggests, Stone Spike will throw stones with spikes on them towards you.

He can throw three stones in succession, which is very easy to dodge or throw them at the same time, which is a bit harder.

He can also only throw one at a time, or even surround himself with stones before throwing them. Make sure to keep your distance from him at all times.

To deal damage to Stone Spike, you need to hit his stones at the right them to send them back where they came from and hit him with them.

If he gets hit by a stone, he'll be stunned for a bit; allowing you to get some easy shots in.

The spiked stones will have a little seal on them. If you manage to hit them on the seal, they'll break instead of rolling back. They have a chance to drop a heart if you do this.

Seventh Battle: Buzzy Beetle
The Buzzy Beetle will get inside its shell and start spinning. It will then slide across the around and bounce against the wall a total of six times (and gains momentum with each hit) before it comes to a halt.

When it stops, it'll flip over and expose the seal on its belly.

Getting the seal off will be very difficult as it recovers very quickly and gets back to spinning.

You have to predict where it'll land after it bounces for the sixth time so you can be near it when it's flipped upside down.

If you're too far from it when it happens, it'll recover before you even get near it.

If you manage to get rid of the seal, Buzzy Beetle will only hit the wall three times. However, it'll get even faster.

You only need to whack his stomach twice to finish him off and defeat the Scuffle Island


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