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How to Complete Carrion

Tutorial Name: How to Complete Carrion  

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Carrion has you in the shoes of an amorphous creature. Spread the fear of your presence around the facility and evolve as you gain deadlier abilities prior to leaving the facility. For this Carrion Walkthrough, we'll be guiding you through certain aspects of the game and show you How to Complete Carrion so that you don't get lost.

How to Complete Carrion

Getting out of the Facility
As you initially start off in the game, you're a weak bio-organism. You will continue to stalk your prey and feed off of subjects to increase your strength.

Burying yourself throughout points in the facility, allowing you to respawn if killed.

The AI in the game is unrelenting and approaching them head-on is simply going to get you killed.

Use throwable objects to your advantage, sneak up on them if you have an alternative route.

Exploring the facility will allow you to discover more DNA, as a result giving you more and more abilities to use to get out of the facility.

Bunker Mission
After completing the Bunker in Carrion, you will emerge in the Frontier. The game's pretty vague from this point on and you might not have an idea as to where to go to finish the game.

From the entrance, go left and then head down. Finish the minor abilities puzzles and head through the door located at the bottom of the ladder. Head right into the BSL-4 Research Ward.

BSL-4 Research Ward
Break the window to your left in the ward using Harpagorrhea.

Climb up to find a ledge, and head through the pipe leading to the left.

Follow the path until you finally reach the Anomalous Materials Vault.

Escaping to the Surface
Go through the vault until you reach the room with the DNA container in the center of it.

There will be a pipe in the bottom right corner which will take you to the DNA container. Consume it and you'll acquire Parasitism.

The one thing you need to get out of the facility. Use it to occupy a person's body and use the hand scanner to the right to open the door.

Keep heading to the right and interacting with any switches and hand scanners along the way. You'll eventually reach an elevator.

Ride the elevator to the top, and voila! Credits will roll. Understandably the game was a bit ambiguous with how to end the game but needless to say, we did it!

You're now a weapon of mass destruction that has achieved freedom and will become absolutely unstoppable as it devours mankind piece-by-piece.


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