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How to Level Up Naturalist Fast in Red Dead Online

Tutorial Name: How to Level Up Naturalist Fast in Red Dead Online  

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In this guide, we will show you How to Level Up Naturalist Fast in Red Dead Online and tell you how you can become a recognized Naturalist in RDO. We will tell you about everything that can help you reach max level in the Naturalist role.

How to Level Up Naturalist Fast in Red Dead Online
In the Naturalist role, you become a Zoologist and classify different kinds of animals. Track the animals first and then sedate them.

Once you have sedated them, collect a sample that you can use to exchange for exotic tonics. For each animal sample, you will get 65 XP

The other option is to hunt the animals down to skin them. Then you can exchange them with rare clothing and other items.

Once you have chosen the Naturalist role, the first thing you need is your Sample Kit. After that, you will need a Varmint Rifle along with .22 Sedative rounds.

Once you have these items, you are ready to go into the wild to collect samples.

Basic Tips and Tricks
You will need to buy Reviver until rank 5. Once you have reached Rank 6, you can craft your own Animal Reviver for free. That will really speed up the process.

Reviving the animal after collecting a sample gives you 10 additional XP per animal. If you revive a Legendary Animal, you will get 20 additional XP instead.

But finding a Legendary Animal is like finding a needle in a haystack even if you use Legendary Map to find them.

The time you spent in finding a legendary animal can be used to collect samples of multiple animals instead.

Although legendary animals can give you a lot of money and 200 XP, it is not worth your time since it will take forever to find even a single legendary animal.

Until you have reached Rank 5, you can complete poacher missions to earn quick XP. You can earn almost 195 XP per mission, but you have to wait for a little between each poacher mission.

In poacher missions, you just have to go to the assigned location and free the animals by killing the poachers. That's it.

Between each poacher mission, you can collect animal samples for XP and tonics.

In the Animal Field guide, you will find different categories of animals.

If you find all the animals of a single category, you can trade in for a lot of money and XP. The Desert category will earn you 8 dollars and 1000 XP.

There are also Legendary Animals missions that you can complete instead of finding Legendary Animals in free roam.

You can earn 300-400 XP from each Legendary animals' mission and it only takes 10-15 minutes per mission.

Along with XP, you will also get a sample of that legendary animal that you exchange for another 200 XP.

There are also Free roam events that can earn you a lot of XP. These events are PVP/PVE and will earn you a legendary animal sample as well that you can trade for XP later on

You can also boost your XP by purchasing the Outlaw Pass.


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