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How to Craft and Upgrade Tools in Grounded

Tutorial Name: How to Craft and Upgrade Tools in Grounded  

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In this guide, we will explain How to Craft and Upgrade Tools in Grounded so you can make some tools for yourself, and then eventually upgrade 'em to achieve maximum efficiency.

In Grounded, you will have to deal with various threats as you try to survive in the world. There are many different tools that can be crafted to help you while you are exploring.

Crafting and Upgrading Tools in Grounded
At the start, you will need an axe to go through a puzzle. There is one grass stem that is blocking the path forward, and you need the Chopping Tool in Grounded to get past it.

To craft the Pebble Axe, you need to have the following items.

3 Tree Sprigs
2 Pebblets
1 Woven Fiber

The Sprigs and Pebblets can be found easily on the ground near you. The woven fiber is a bit difficult to get.

First, you will need to collect nodes of plant fibers that can be found all around the world. Take the sample to the first camp.

Analyze it at the computer in the tent to discover the recipe for the woven fiber. Craft the woven fiber and then you will be set to craft the axe!

Scan the pebbles at the crafting station to get the axe. Once you have the wooden axe, you will be able to collect different materials to craft and upgrade different types of tools.

The Chopping Tool is one of the basic crafting and gathering tools in the early game. It can be used to harvest any Tier I material. Higher tier materials will require higher-level tools to be farmed.

How to Make Tools in Grounded
How to upgrade an Axe
To upgrade your axe, you will need to slay some Ladybugs, Bombardiers, and Spiders to get a Ladybug Head, Bombardier Part, and Spider Silk. You need to get:

1 Ladybug Head
3 Bombardier Parts
4 Spider Silk

The axe will be upgraded to Tier 2 Insect Axe which can allow you to chop down weeds. Ladybugs can be found commonly throughout the world and they drop the Ladybug Head.

The bombardier beetles can be found near the big rake south of the starting spawn. Spiders are also present around the rake.

You will find Spider Webs in there that you can hit with a weapon or whatever and you will get Spider Silk from it.

How to upgrade a Hammer
To upgrade to the Insect Hammer from the Pebblet hammer, you need to have:

4 Stinkbug Parts
4 Berry Leather
1 Boiling Gland

Stinkbug Parts can be obtained from Stinkbugs. Berry Leather is dropped from berries. The Boiling Gland is dropped by the same Bombardier Beetles.

The Insect Hammer is needed to break the mint that is in the Ice Caps Mint Container that is a landmark near the first science lab on the map.

You can actually use the mint chunks you get from that to create the Mint Mallet which is the level three hammer.


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