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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - I AM TUROK!

Tutorial Name: Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - I AM TUROK!  

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Complete the single-player game on Hardcore difficulty.

Hardcore is the new difficulty and it can be quite brutal. You only have one life, enemies do more damage, there's more of them and some of them respawn whenever you reenter an area, but it should still not be too hard if you do the following.

- Save and save often. Make a quick save if you are happy with how you got through an encounter with enemies.

- Consider mapping quick save and quick load to unused controller buttons.
It is recommended you play through the levels in the order 1,3,2,5,4,6 as this is generally considered the easiest.

- While at times it is unavoidable, try to minimize backtracking. Every time you teleport to an area enemies will reappear.

- Throughout the game you will come across areas of respawning health/amm. Make sure you stick around until you are maxed out.

- Try to avoid health pickups that will be wasted, i.e. if you are only 2 health off of full health, don't pick up a 10 health pickup. Wait till you need it.

- The same holds true for ammo: don't pick up what you cant use; you'll need it later.

Achievement is worth 125 Gamerscore.


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