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Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Guide

Tutorial Name: Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Guide  

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Hidden Altars can have a great effect on your gameplay experience of Ghost of Tsushima, not only because they can enhance your combat prowess but also grant you with hidden trophies. Our Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations guide will walk you through each location of every single hidden altar you need to find in order to acquire the Honor the Unseen Trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations
To get your hands on Honor the Unseen hidden Trophy, you are going to have to find 10 hidden altars throughout the island of Tsushima, the locations of which are listed right below.

So, continue with our guide if you don't want to waste your precious time searching for them. While they may seem like it, Hidden Altars are different from Hidden Inari Shrines although both serve as collectibles.

In some cases, however, hidden altars also coincide with other collectibles and the same location serves as both the hidden altar or something else such as a Pillar of Honor.

Golden Temple - Buddha Statue
When you're in the Golden Temple during Act 1, make your way to the west side of the village, up the stairs to find the hidden altar in the form of a Buddha statue.

Kechi Fishing Village - River Dock
Head to the west of Hiyoshi Springs on the river to reach the Kechi farmstand where you'll find the hidden altar on the dock over the river.

Tadayori's Rest
Once you've completed the Mythic Tale quest, you can find the grave - Tadayori's Rest with purple flowers strewn all across. Towards the center of the grave, you can find the hidden altar which is basically a shrine.

Yoichi's Crossroads - Cemetery
Head to the southwest of Hiyoshi Springs and into the cemetery located next to the Mongols encampment. Get to the top of the cemetery where you'll find the hidden altar in the form of a group of statues.

Traveler's Rest Inn - River Dock
On the river south of Kechi Fishing Village, you can find and bow to this hidden altar.

Kaneda Inlet - Pillar of Honor
Towards the north of Izuhara, head to the beach in Kaneda inlet to find this Pillar of Honor. The sign of bowing man on it also makes it a hidden altar.

Toyotama Hidden Altars
Old Kanzawa Marsh - Pillar of Honor
You can find this Pillar of Honor (with a marked sign making it a hidden altar as well) between Umugi and Akashima in a field.

Cloud Ridge Shrine
Head to the coast of Kushi where you'll find a Shinto shrine. Climb up from there until you have reached a frog statue acting as a hidden altar. Bow to it and take the rightward exit. You'll come across another hidden altar in the form of a frog statue on your way out.

Omi Monastery
Climb up the hill from the Omi Monastery located in Otsuna. You will find yourself in a cemetery with a hidden altar in front in the form of a large grave.

Omi Village - Lord Sakai's Grave
While attempting the Act 2 Story tale, Ghosts of the Past, you will head to Omi Village. Towards the north of the Village is the Sakai cemetery. You will find the 10th hidden altar which is the grave of Jin's father in the cemetery.


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