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Mighty No. 9 - Super Turbo Hyper Fighting Robot

Tutorial Name: Mighty No. 9 - Super Turbo Hyper Fighting Robot  

Category: Xbox One Tutorials

Submitted By: Ryan

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Complete the game on HYPER difficulty.

Hyper difficulty is Hard, but there are no extra lives. By the time you get to playing through this mode you should be an expert in fighting the bosses so the lives should not matter. What is important is making sure you build a health tank before each boss because somethings you mess up and will need it.

Continuing does not matter to the achievement so if you do die you can just restart the level.

The two hardest parts on this difficulty mode was Brandish and the Capitol Building stage. Brandish is a hard boss no matter what and you just have to get a good run on him to beat him. You only get one opportunity to build a health tank once in his level so you have to be very careful to get through his level without needing to use it.

The Capitol Building stage only has one checkpoint, which is right before the boss, a lot of instant kill traps, and no extra lives. I kept dying at the 4th time you have to find Shade. I found that if you just wait he will shoot at you and then hide again in an easier to find location.


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