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How to Get to the Creeper Chest in Minecraft Dungeons

Tutorial Name: How to Get to the Creeper Chest in Minecraft Dungeons  

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How to Get to the Creeper Chest in a Cry for Heroes in Minecraft Dungeons

You can get to the creeper chest in Minecraft Dungeons by using an ability that the game won't have told you that you have yet: the dodge roll. You can use this ability by pressing RB or the right analog stick, if you're playing on a controller, or the space bar on a keyboard. This will cause your character to roll in whatever direction you're moving, with a brief cooldown afterwards. This can also be used to cross small gaps, similar to jumping. Approach the gap with the chest on the other side and run into it while pressing the dodge button, and your character will clear the gap safely. Once you're there, you can select the chest to open it.

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Creeper Chest Rewards

The chest itself contains some interesting prizes, all of which will either be added automatically to your inventory or gained by clicking on them. It holds the following rewards:

12 emeralds
Swiftness Potion

Once you've collected everything, you can use the dodge to make your way back over the gap and continue upwards to the end of the level.


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