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Spyro 2: Duck and Cover Guide

Tutorial Name: Spyro 2: Duck and Cover Guide  

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Spyro 2: Duck and Cover Guide

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (Remaster) - Duck and Cover Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Don't get hit by Bombo [Silver]

World: Autumn Plains / Level: Scorch

This takes place in Scorch. This is an orb challenge given by Handel, the NPC at this level's exit gate. First, you must have unlocked the power-up gate by killing enough enemies and then talk to Handel at the level exit to get his challenge. Go through the power-up gate to get the Superflame. Use it to shoot down the Flagkeeper from the 3 towers - the ones where you had to hit the red buttons to raise the flags to progress in the level. In total there are 3 flags to get from him - you find Bob The Flagkeeper at the last flag tower, then the middle tower, then the tower at the level start. Press :triangle: to aim at the top of the towers and :circle: to shoot down the Flagkeeper with the Superflame power-up. Then you can talk to him and must chase him to the level exit. As you do this, he will throw green bombs. For the trophy you can't get hit by a bomb. The easiest way is to move towards him to trigger a bomb throw, retreat (run back behind cover), repeat. With each bomb throw he moves closer to the goal so just rinse and repeat (let him throw bomb, retreat, move towards him so he throws the next bomb). You can also swerve left or right when one of the bombs is about to hit you. However, keep in mind he only moves and throws bombs when you get close to him. Once you've collected all 3 flags the trophy will unlock instantly even before you get the orb reward. If you get hit, exit the level and replay it.


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